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Схема подключения пускателя
Scheme of connection of the actuator

The simplest scheme of the actuator is the cornerstone of all or, at least, the majority of schemes of start of the asynchronous electric motors used very widely.

Установка электросчетчика
Installation of the power meter

Kinds of power meters exists a little. The scheme of connection of the counter depends on the version. There are counters one-rate and multitariff, one-and three-phase.

Правила использования тестера (мультиметра)
Rules of use of the tester (multimeter)

The tester (multimeter) is the measuring tool which allows to reveal damages at electric devices, to check the charge of the accumulator or battery and to measure the operating voltage of many electric devices.

Electrician the hands: practical recommendations and managements

History of mankind is full of the most grandiose opening and achievements, however, unfortunately, with such elementary area as electrician, many owners have relations on "you" though, apparently, now everything has to be exactly the opposite.

Электрика своими руками

Installation of the socket

And even the well-known Ohm's law to you hardly here so, at once who and will tell.

So, our website will help you not only to replace the safety lock, but even as in the scheme of connection of the actuator, and connection of the fluorescent lamp, and we will consider the set of subtleties which are available only to the personnel servicing special electric units.

Besides, quite available language clear even for beginners, we not only will tell how to decipher marking of asynchronous engines, but also we will explain the principle of operation of such important tool during the work with electric motors as the remover for bearings.

By itself, to consider the main enrollment of the electrician which precisely is required to you if you decide to carry out independently turning on of the three-phase engine in single-phase network.

Also, you receive valuable recommendations about the choice and work with the following devices:

Also, we will discuss features of input of the network circuit to the house both the vozdushka, and in the underground way, we will also consider pluses and minuses of each option and we will recommend actions for grounding of your housing.

Электрика своими руками

Installation of the distribution box

The questions connected with electricity, the huge set, and this area – it is really inexhaustible: it is a lot of interesting to you it is necessary to learn!

So, if you want to learn, the principle of operation of the transformer, consider that the educated person shall know what is electromagnetic relays and simply, dream that you will be able to replace the socket after reading without risk for life – our website for you!

All about electricity from And to I – only for the most inquisitive readers!

Besides, we recommend the following interesting materials for reading:

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