Electrical equipment lessons

Как получается электрическая энергия из других видов энергии
As electrical energy from other types of energy turns out

Obtaining electrical energy from chemical, mechanical, thermal and other types of energy is connected with the phenomenon of electric current of conductivity. These transformations happen in electric circuits.

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Процесс ионизации газов
Process of ionization of gases

Ionization of gases happens under the influence of cosmic rays, x-ray radiation. The conductivity of gas which resulted from external ionizuyushchy influence is called dependent.

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Что такое коэффициент трансформации
What is the transformation ratio

The transformer represents system from two and more windings placed on one obyoshchy iron rod (core). One of these windings is connected to the external source pereyomenny э. of page.

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Что такое вихревые токи?
What is whirling currents?

Mozhyono mentally to separate the metal core into the number of the rounds closed on themselves. Considering set of tayoky closed circuits, it is possible to imagine the whirling currents which are becoming isolated around the axis of the magnetic flux in the body of the serdechniyok.

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Что гласит закон Кулона?
What does Coulomb's law say?

Electrostatics is called the doctrine about electrified bodies and forces of the vzaimoyodeystviye between them provided that bodies and charges remain motionless from each other. The main law of the electrostatics - Coulomb's law.

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В чем измеряются электрические и магнитные величины?
What electrical and magnetic quantities are measured in?

Units of measure of electrical and magnetic quantities. In engineering practice several instrumentation systems of MGS, MKSA, SI were used therefore units of measure from these systems will occur in the list offered below to you.

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Значение емкости переменного тока
Value of alternating-current capacity

The direct current cannot pass through capacity as its facings are separated by isolation. But if capacity With is included under the alternating voltage, then its charge of q — Cu changes depending on tension size.

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Характеристика индуктивности в цепи переменного тока
The characteristic of inductance in the alternating current circuit

In the chain containing inductance of L, electric current is caused by the combined effect of tension and the power source and aa. of page of the self-induction е, arising in the chain owing to changes of current. Induced resistance is proportional to alternating-current frequency.

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Что такое активное сопротивление переменного тока?
What alternating-current such pure resistance?

The size and initial phase of the alternating current created by alternating voltage depend not only on the size of resistance forming the electric circuit but also on inductance and the capacity of this chain.

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Что такое переменный ток?
What is alternating current?

Many decades in electrotechnical practice exclusively direct current was applied. Refused it only when the need for transmission of energy on the long distance ripened.

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