Reference book by the construction electrician

Управление электромагнитными аппаратами
Control of electromagnetic devices

Sequencers can be put in action by the manual or foot drive, the electric actuator and the working machine. Buttons of management are used for remote the upravleyoniya by electromagnetic devices (contactors, the relay, magyonitny actuators, etc.).

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Магнитные контакторы: устройство и назначение
Magnetic contactors: device and assignment

The contactor is called the electromagnetic device of remote action intended for frequent inclusions and shutdowns under loading of the electric power circuit. Contactors are produced for work in chains constant and alternating-current.

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Схемы защитного отключения электроустановок
Schemes of protective shutdown of electric units

The most perfect way of protection against emergence of hazardous voltage on constructive parts of electric equipment is protective shutdown. As such devices providing protection serve the automatic cuts or contactors supplied with the special relay of protective shutdown.

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Общие сведения о трехфазных системах
General information about three-phase systems

The multiphase system of electric circuits represents set of electric circuits in which work sinusoiyodalny э. of page of identical frequency. They are shifted rather each other on the phase and are created by one power source.

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Автоматические выключатели разных типов
Automatic cuts of different types

Automatic cuts like AV are intended for rare switching of alternating current circuits up to 380 V at 50 Hz. AP-25 submachine guns are calculated for work in standard conditions.

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Как влияет cos ? на экономические показатели
How does cos influence? on economic indicators

How does cos influence? on economic indicators? Than cos less? the receiver, that bigger current has to be in the sayomy receiver, in the generator, in bonding wires.

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Как произвести расчет маломощных трансформаторов?
How to make calculation of low-power transformers?

In factory practice of the electrician need to manufacture low-power (to 1 — 1,5 kW) the transformer for the portable lamp, spot welding, the device, etc. often meets. We give the simplified calculation of windings and the core of the single-phase transformer providing the accuracy, sufficient for practice.

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