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Правила ремонта электроудлинителя
Rules of repair of the electroextender

Now it is more and more made field electric devices and electric tools. And for them electroextenders are often necessary, but not all factory extenders work perfectly well.

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Съемник для стягивания подшипников своими руками
The remover for tightening of bearings the hands

At repair of electric motors, except horn keys and the set of heads, it is necessary to have in the arsenal and several removers for tightening of bearings. Them it is possible to make with own hands.

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Как сделать фазоуказатель самостоятельно
How to make the phase indicator independently

The phase indicators of the induction I-517 or FU-2 type released by the industry work to similarly asynchronous electric motors. However the phase indicators based and on other principles are known.

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Делаем сварочный аппарат самостоятельно
We do the welding machine independently

Many designs in life (in the garage, at the dacha, houses, etc.) it is difficult to construct without welding application, in particular arc. The welding machine can be manufactured the hands.

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Греется розетка
The socket is heated

Any malfunctions can be eliminated or even to prevent if to know their reason. The first disturbing signal it is possible to call notable heating of couple the socket fork.

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