Electrical safety

Цепное и тепловое самовоспламенение
Chain and thermal self-ignition

Self-ignition is called the process of spontaneous acceleration of reactions of oxidation terminating in flash (or explosion) and burning. It happens chain and thermal.

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Как действует электрический ток на человека?
How does electric current affect the person?

Electric current strikes the person suddenly. The current flow through the body of the person causes elekyotrichesky injuries of different character: electric blow, burns, electric signs tags.

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Требования безопасности к слесарному инструменту
Safety requirements to the metalwork tool

The main safety requirement to the tool — its operability. In the workplace of the assembler or service technician there has to be the cabinet for the hrayoneniye of tools.

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Виды электрозащитных средств и инструментов
Types of electroprotective equipment and tools

Electroprotective equipment are subdivided into the main and additional. The main call such protective equipment which isolation reliably maintains the operating voltage of electric units.

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Порядок проведения электросварочных работ
Order of carrying out electrowelding works

For safety the electric welder has to be provided with special clothes and protective prispoyosobleniye. The special clothes consist of the jacket, trousers, boots with deaf top, mittens and the headdress without hood.

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Меры предупреждения электротравматизма
Measures of prevention of electrotraumatism

It is necessary to strengthen fight for elimination of traumatism from defeat by electric current. How there is the damage of the human body electric current?

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Техника безопасности для газоэлектросварочных работ
Safety measures for gas and arc welding works

Persons not more young than 18 years which underwent special technical training, passed examination and having the certificate on the right of production of the above-stated works are allowed to performance of gas and arc welding works. The gas and arc welder bears including criminal liability for the work.

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