The electrician in the house

Как работает инфраскрасный обогреватель
As the infraskrasny heater works

The principle of operation of the infrared heater is carried out at the expense of three ranges of electromagnetic waves. Work of infrared radiation of waves can be compared to heating by the Sun of Earth.

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Особенности подключения УЗО
Features of connection of OUZO

During the work of the electric unit or any circuitry of leakages of current should not be. It just is also watched BY OUZO.

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Как можно соединить провода?
How it is possible to connect wires?

Connections of wires can be non-demountable and folding. Non-demountable connections carry out welding or soldering. Folding — by means of bolts, the pin conclusions or screw terminals.

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Ввод кабеля в здание по воздуху
Input of the cable to the building by air

The electric power supply to the house is one of the most important factors of emergency risk now. For the whole decades the supply and input in private households was made according to one knurled scheme.

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Подключение розеток шлейфом
Connection of sockets loop

All sockets which are on one electric group have one scheme of connection parallel. But it is possible "to parallel" sockets in the different ways: to connect them in raspayachny boxes (twists, plugs, soldering) or to connect them among themselves on plugs, passing these boxes (connection by the loop).

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Молниезащита и громоотвод
Lightning protection and lightning protector

The system device of protection against the lightning (lightning protector) will provide you and your property with safety in the building, the house or office.

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Как провести установку стиральной машины?
How to carry out installation of the washing machine?

How washing machines are installed? For this purpose it is possible to involve employees of special service, but it will demand additional expenditure. It is possible to try to make all the hands.

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