Принцип работы люминесцентной лампы
Principle of operation of the fluorescent lamp

Fluorescent lamps — the second in the world on prevalence the light source, and they win in Japan even first place, having overtaken glow lamps. Annually in the world more than one billion fluorescent lamps are produced.

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Правила монтажа точечных светильников
Rules of mounting of dot lamps

First of all for installation of dot lamps in the box or the ceiling from gypsum cardboard it is necessary to count in advance how many lamps you will install. It is very good to draw the scheme of their arrangement for a start.

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Расчет освещенности помещения
Calculation of illumination of the room

Light in our house not only influences health of our eyes, but also stimulates work of the brain, promoting good rest and mood. For this reason it is necessary to calculate correctly room illumination correctly to choose lamps, to pick up the necessary power of lamps.

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Каково устройство ксеноновых ламп?
What device of xenon lamps?

Today gas discharge tubes of extreme pressure with use of heavy gases were widely adopted. Use of xenon makes essential changes to characteristics of these lamps.

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Бесстартерные люминесцентные лампы
Starterless fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps have the number of advantages in comparison with glow lamps. Big service life, profitability, the good osveshchayemost belong to their number. Are inherent in them as well shortcomings.

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Общая информация о лампах ДРЛ
General information about DRL lamps

The mercury lamps (AML (arc mercury luminiferous are used to lighting of streets, workshops of the industrial enterprises and other objects which are not demanding the quality color rendition).

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Как работают стартеры люминесцентных ламп
As starters of fluorescent lamps work

The principle of operation of starters of fluorescent lamps is based on two electrodes. In asymmetrical starters one electrode motionless, and the second mobile, is made of bimetal.

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Что такое газоразрядные источники света?
What is gas-discharge light sources?

Gas-discharge light sources - sources in which the discharge through gases phenomenon is used. The luminescence of gases or vapors of metals results. It is the basis for different types of light sources.

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