Electric motors

Советы по смазке подшипников качения
Councils for lubricant of rolling bearings

What recommendations about lubricant of rolling bearings? It is necessary to pay attention to quality of lubricants and to the systems of supply of oil to the bearing. Lubricant incorporates different components.

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Общие сведения о подшипниках качения
General information about rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are separated into radial bearings and persistent bearings. Further depending on swing elements bearings are separated into ball-bearings and roller bearings. Etc.

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Разновидности ремонта электродвигателей
Kinds of repair of electric motors

Any electric motor whatever reliable it was has to understand for survey, check and repair from time to time. The main terms are established by the chief engineer.

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Нагрев электродвигателей
Heating of electric motors

During the electric motor operating time the part of elektricheyosky energy will be transformed to thermal. It is connected with losses of energy on friction in bearings, on whirling currents and magnetic reversal in steel of the stator and the rotor, and the takyozha in pure resistances of windings of the stator and the rotor.

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