Electricity for beginners

Author of the heading Andrey Grekovich

Описание электрических проводов (часть 2)
Description of electric wires (part 2)

Wires are the products containing one or several twisted pro-reducing dies or one and more isolated veins. Cables are several wires, isolated by one cover.

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Описание электрических проводов
Description of electric wires

The range of cords which is available now, wires and cables is rather various. All these products differ by several criteria.

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Как монтировать открытую электропроводку?
How to mount the open electrical wiring?

That the electrical wiring looked more or less well, it is required to be prepared very thoroughly. Mounting of the open electrical wiring least of all damages walls.

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Какой провод лучше: алюминиевый или медный?
What wire is better: aluminum or copper?

In living conditions aluminum, copper and алюмомедь are most often used. With first two all it is clear, but here that it алюмомедь?

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Как монтировать скрытую электропроводку?
How to mount the buried electrical wiring?

The buried wiring can be established to, in time or after construction works (so-called insert). It is forbidden to mount wiring in the floor after the end of construction.

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Особенности электропроводки для ванных комнат
Features of the electrical wiring for bathrooms

Requirements to the electrical wiring in bathing and shower very strict, as water – the great conductor. Remember that all electric traumas turn out as a result of negligence.

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