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Особенности синусоидального тока
Features of the sinusoidal current

The most desirable form of the curve for instantaneous values of alternating current and tension is the sinusoidal form. In mathematics sinusoidal changes are considered as the simplest harmonious form of the batch process.

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Окрашивание металлов электрохимическим способом
Coloring of metals in the electrochemical way

In the same electrolyte it is possible to receive the oxidic films distinguished on coloring having high protective properties on steel, brass and copper. It is possible to remove the film weak solution of liquid ammonia.

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Что такое синхронное вращение?
What is the synchronous rotation?

If by means of any adaptation to disperse the magnet to field speed, i.e. to synchronous speed, then, having entered synchronism, the magnet will rotate with the field speed. Synchronous rotation is used in synchronous motors.

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Вращающееся магнитное поле
The rotating magnetic field

What is the magnetic rotary field? Fields of its application. Two-phase and three-phase current.

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Природа ферромагнетизма
Ferromagnetics nature

Ferromagnetics: iron, nickel, cobalt, gadolinium and their different alloys — in magnetic field are magnetized. Such concept as the hysteresis curve is important for such metals.

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Что такое электродный потенциал?
What is electrode potential?

In all chemical sources of the electric power quite difficult phenomena of dissolution of metals in elektroliyota are used. This aspiration of metal to be dissolved sometimes is called elasticity the metal rastvoreyoniya.

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Гальванотехника: общая информация
Galvanotechnics: general information

Electrolysis forms the basis of the technology of plating on metallicheyosky and nonmetallic surfaces called by galvanotechnics. The Vazhneyyoshy industries of the last are the galvanoplasty and galvanization.

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Применение электролиза
Electrolysis application

Electrolysis is widely used in metallurgy for receiving clean meyotall. Process is conducted with soluble or with nerastvoriyomy anodes in solution or in fusion of salts.

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Электрическое напряжение: общие сведения
Voltage: general information

The volt is taken for unit of voltage of the electromotive force (EMF). In formulas tension is designated the Latin letter U (it is read "at"), and the unit of voltage - the letter B.

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