Reference book by the construction electrician

Получение переменного тока
Receiving alternating current

For alternating-current obtaining industrial frequency (50 Hz) at power plants electromachine sinyokhronny alternating current generators are installed.

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Разновидности кабелей
Kinds of cables

Description and characteristics of the most widespread kinds of electric cables. Fields of their application.

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Как действует автоматический выключатель?
How does the automatic cut work?

Since the beginning of electricity use protection against overcurrents was the main problem. The automatic cut was for this purpose invented.

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Что такое центровка оборудования?
What is lining of the equipment?

Misalignment of the compound shaft installed in rolling bearings (availability of the break and/or misalignment of the line of the shaft) in the majority of the mechanisms having the detachable joint in the area of the shaft often is the basic reason of the increased vibrations of the mechanism on rotating speed and its harmonics.

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Словарь и термины электрика
Dictionary and terms of the electrician

Electropoint — the Socket, the switch. Installation of the electropoint — Installation of the socket, switch. Installation of the internal electropoint — Vmazka of the podrazetnik. Vmazka — Placement and fastening of the mechanism or device. Installation of the internal electropoint in the concrete wall — Vmazka of the podrazetnik in the concrete wall.

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Что такое информация?
What is information?

What is information? It the data, messages transferred from one subject to another oral, written or otherwise and also process of transfer or obtaining these data.

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Солнечные электростанции
Solar power plants

The full quantity of the solar energy arriving on the Earth's surface in the week exceeds energy of all world reserves of oil, gas, coal and uranium. The solar heat can be preserved in the different ways.

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Что такое солнечная энергетика?
What is solar power?

Solar power - the direction of power based on use of solar radiation for obtaining energy in any look. The solar power is environmentally friendly.

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Виды электрощитов
Types of electric boards

Electric board - the special device serving for implementation of reception and electric power distribution. The electric board performs function of protection of lines of group chains against short circuits and overloads.

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Сечение провода по нагреву и потерям напряжения
Wire section on heating and losses of tension

When wiring it is necessary to calculate and pick up the section of the wire (cable) correctly. It is possible to make it approximately, but now there are programs by means of which such problem is easily solved.

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