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Как производится пайка алюминия?
How aluminum soldering is made?

For aluminum soldering tin-lead solders (POS) can recommend the next way. Liquid mineral oil is applied on aluminum in the place of soldering, then all smooth out the scraper.

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Что делать, если в розетке две фазы?
What to do if in the socket two phases?

There is also such situation when in the socket two phases and are not present light. It is all about the fused stopper. Replaced the stopper - and everything rose on the places. When in the "two phases" socket - means there is no 0.

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Устройство для нагревания подшипников
The device for heating of bearings

The transformer for heating of bearings, semi-couplings, pulleys allows without problems and efforts it is easy to put on them the shaft. It heats decently and, in comparison with the hot oil bathroom, undoubtedly more conveniently, quicker and more effectively.

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