The electrician in the house

Что подразумевает экономия электроэнергии?
What does power saving mean?

The question of power saving is relevant more than ever. Therefore there were energy saving lamps and lamps, electronic and double power meters.

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Характеристики автоматов и УЗО
Characteristics of automatic machines and OUZO

Automatic machines protect from KZ and the overload. OUZO reacts to differential current, i.e. the difference of the currents flowing on the lead and return conductor.

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Монтаж системы «тёплый пол»
Mounting of the "heat-insulated floor" system

The heat-insulated floor electric has simple and very flexible control system of temperature which considerably differs from the systems of heating using liquid heating.

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Как монтировать установочные изделия?
How to mount adjusting products?

Fastening of boxes in slots is made alabaster solution. On boxes nadruba for input of wires are made. Switches, plug adapters fix in adjusting boxes or in special slots by means of spreader pads.

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Как подключаются проходные выключатели?
How switches through passage are connected?

The cross switch is used if switching on and off of one light source from three and more places is required. Switches by the checkpoint giving of current from one wire to another.

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Основные инструменты электрика
Main tools of the electrician

Not to do the house electrician in its work without the small set of standard tools and several simple self-made devices.

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Как правильно установить розетки и выключатели?
How it is correct to install sockets and switches?

New rules of electrical safety demand to install only ground outlets. For powerful electric devices for the purpose of their connection and protection against defeat by electric current it is the best of all to use OUZO.

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