Общая информация о натриевых лампах
General information about sodium lamps

Sodium lamps: general information. Distinguish sodium lamps of low and high pressure. The main lack of sodium lamps of low pressure — homochromatism of radiation.

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Принцип работы люминесцентных ламп
Principle of operation of fluorescent lamps

The fluorescent lamp represents the glass tube in which end faces electrodes are sealed. The fluorescent lamps of low pressure used to lighting of residential buildings have coiled-coil or trispiralny electrodes from the tungsten provoyoloka.

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Осветительные электроустановки
Lighting electric units

Lighting electric units are the necessary element of modern houses, institutions, public and manufacturing enterprises and represent difficult complexes of devices.

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Настенные светильники: назначение, описание, выбор
Wall lamps: assignment, description, choice

According to the dictionary by Ushakov, the word "sconce" comes from the French word "bras" that it is literally translated as "hand" and really means "the wall candlestick".

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Ремонт светильников
Repair of lamps

If you screwed the new lamp in the cartridge, but it does not burn again, then insufficiently unbent contact of the boss can be the cause of it. It is possible to improve situation the screw-driver.

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От чего зависит срок службы ламп накаливания?
What does service life of glow lamps depend on?

The normal household glow lamp consists of the exaggerated glass cylinder in which thread from high-melting metal is placed, is normal from tungsten. There are small cunnings on extension of life to glow lamps.

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Пятирожковая люстра в двухпроводной линии
Five-horn chandelier in the metallic circuit

What to do if available only the rocker switch, and there is a wish to disconnect several bulbs at the 5-horn chandelier when they are not necessary? To buy the additional switch.

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Монтаж потолочной люстры
Mounting of the ceiling chandelier

For connection of the chandelier we will be needs the indicator screw-driver. Three wires hang on the ceiling: one zero and two phase. Wires "phase" go on the switch, and "zero" goes to the terminal box at once.

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