Electric motors

Электрическая защита асинхронных электродвигателей
Electric protection of asynchronous electric motors

Reliable and smooth operation of the engine obespeyochivatsya first of all by the right choice of its rated power, observance of necessary treyobovaniye at design of the circuitry, mounting and operation of the electric drive.

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Каков механизм действия генератора постоянного тока?
What mechanism of operation of the direct current generator?

Operation of generators and engines of the constant toyok is based on the phenomena of electromagnetic induction and electromagnetic force. Being guided by the fact that any electrical machine of the obrayotim, i.e. can serve in certain conditions both as the generayotor, and the engine, we will consider the device of the mashiyona of the direct current irrespective of its assignment.

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Механизм работы асинхронного электродвигателя
Mechanism of operation of the asynchronous electric motor

To protozoa on the device and the most widespread the asynchronous engine invented by M.O. Dolivo-Dobrovolsky is. The principle of its work is based on action of the rotating magnetic field on the short-circuited winding adapted for rotation.

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Как подключить электродвигатель треугольником?
How to connect the electric motor the triangle?

All electric motors of factory execution have 6 ends (conclusions) and to switch windings to other tension of works big does not make. And engines which have only 3 conclusions meet.

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Эксплуатация и ремонт электродвигателей
Operation and repair of electric motors

It is necessary to take measures for debugging for the correct operation of electric motors timely. The very first and frequent reason of breakdown is the wear of bearings.

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История развития электродвигателей
History of development of electric motors

The principle of operation of the asynchronous electric motor is based on interaction of the rotating magnetic field arising when passing three-phase alternating current on stator windings with the current induced by the field of the stator in rotor windings.

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Как происходит техобслуживание электродвигателей?
How there is the maintenance of electric motors?

At technical maintenance the personnel on duty constantly watch loading and vibration of electric motors, temperature and availability of lubricant in bearings, lack of abnormal noise and sparking under brushes.

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Как определить начало и конец фаз обмотки?
How to define the beginning and the end of phases of the winding?

To find the beginning and the end of phases, there are two ways. First way: that conclusion of the winding which is connected to tester plus will be the beginning of the second winding, and with minus – the end. Second way: if the bulb lit up more brightly, then windings at us were connected consistently, as it should be the beginning - the end - the beginning - the end.

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