Electricity for beginners

Author of the heading Andrey Grekovich

Основные изделия для электропроводки
The main products for the electrical wiring

We decided to devote this article to electroadjusting devices which can be installed in your dwelling. Some types of these devices are obligatory, and some depend on your requirements.

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Схемы электрообуродования
Schemes of the elektrooburodovaniye

It is necessary to draw the plan of all rooms, at the same time noting on it everything that is only possible: both height, and length, and width and as the wire on what depth is laid. At the same time it is worth to remember to draw images of electroadjusting products.

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Виды электропроводки и способы ввода кабеля
Types of the electrical wiring and ways of input of the cable

The first type of input of the electric power to the building is input from the air power transmission line. Also there are ways of input by the pole and the subway. The electrical wiring exists hidden, open and in wiring products.

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В чем заключается опасность электричества?
What does the danger of electricity consist in?

It is known that elekyotrichesky current is invisible, inaudible and has no smell. This energy with ease from creative can pass into discharge destructive and even deadly.

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Основные схемы электроснабжения
Main schemes of power supply

Correctly made scheme has to provide reliability of the power supply of consumers. All schemes which are found at the moment represent the design of separate elements: feeders, highways and branches.

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Основные инструменты электрика
Main tools of the electrician

During the work with electricity many tools both the general character, and specialized are necessary. Do not use faulty tools and do not touch them with wet hands.

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Основные сведения о ЛЭП
Main data on the power transmission line

For transfer on long distance of very high tension overhead power transmission lines are under construction. For transfer of current on small distances and when construction of air-lines is undesirable, power cable lines are used.

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Области применения электричества
Electricity scopes

What main opportunities of electricity which it offers us and which we use, occasionally without noticing it? Thermal, chemical and magnetic effect.

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