Electrical equipment lessons

Основные сведения об электрическом сопротивлении
Main data on electrical resistance

Speaking about conductors, we mean the substances and materials which are rather well carrying current. However not all substances called by conductors equally well carry electric current.

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Понятие электрического тока
Concept of electric current

The word "current" has two values. It designates the phenomenon of the movement of electric charges in the conductor and also serves as assessment of amount of the electricity passing on the conductor.

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Механизм работы аккумулятора
Mechanism of operation of the accumulator

The device and the principle of operation of the accumulator Accumulators are chemical current sources with obratiyomy process: they can give energy, transforming himiyochesky energy in electric, or to accumulate energy, transforming electrical energy to chemical.

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Основные сведения о мощности электрического тока
Main data on the power of electric current

Work of the source of the electric power when moving the charge of q along some site is equal to the proyoizvedeniye of this charge on U tension between the ends the uchayostka.

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Что такое асинхронное вращение?
What is the asynchronous rotation?

At asynchronous rotation the field does n1 of turns in the minuyota, and the mobile part called usually by the rotor, only p2 rpm.

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Как действует трансформатор?
How does the transformer operate?

The transformer will transform pereyomenny current of one tension to alternating current of the same frequency, but other tension.

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Природа электрического заряда
Nature of electric charge

Atom was defined as the smallest particle of the element. It consists of electrons, protons and neutrons. Electrons come off atoms and move on the conductor, forming electric current.

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Алессандро Вольта
Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist and the physiologist, was born on February 18, 1745 in the town of Komo near Milan. Its many inventions announced approach of the era of electricity.

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Понятие атом. Строение атома и атомного ядра
Concept atom. Structure of atom and atomic nucleus

Atom is the smallest particle of the element keeping it characteristics. Atoms of different elements differ from each other. There are over 100 different elements, so, and over 100 different types of atoms.

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