Reference book by the construction electrician

Принцип трехфазных электрическиих цепей
Principle of three-phase elektricheskiy chains

Alternating-current electrical energy is developed and distributed between current collectors. The system of three-phase chains - that where current collectors receive the power supply from the general three-phase generator.

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Типы измерительных приборов
Types of measuring apparatuses

By means of measuring apparatuses invisible action of electrons can be registered and measured. These devices are necessary at the research of work of the chain. There are two types of measuring apparatuses.

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Электропроводка: общие сведения
Electrical wiring: general information

The electrical wiring is the set of insulated conductors and cables with elements of their fastening. The electrical wiring provides the electric power supply to the consumer's electroreceivers.

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Как выбрать сечение кабеля?
How to choose cable section?

Primary value for the choice of section of the wire is definition of characteristics of electric equipment which will consume afterwards the electric power and to be in network.

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Особенности пайки металлов
Features of soldering of metals

In practice of performance of electric installation work, at repair of electric equipment and operation of elekyotroustanovka, along with welding, soldering is applied to connection among themselves of parts from homogeneous and diverse metals. Compound of metals and parts by method of soldering has the number of advantages before connection by their welding.

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Как правильно рассчитать провода, учитывая потерю напряжения?
How it is correct to calculate wires, considering loss of tension?

When calculating wires are usually known: tension of Ur of the source of the electric power (generator), distance of L from this source to the place of power consumption, current intensity is I or power Rn of loading and tension of Un (rated voltage).

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Осмотр и переключения в схемах электроустановок
Survey and switchings in schemes of electric units

The faces of operation personnel servicing electric units individually have to have qualification group not lower than IV (in electric units over 1000 V) and III — in installations up to 1000 Century.

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Правила учета электрической энергии
Accounting rules of electrical energy

The presents of "The accounting rule of electrical energy" (further – Rules) are developed in pursuance of the Resolution of the Government of the USAn Federation of 02.11.95 N 1087 "About urgent energy conservation measures" by specialists of Ministry of Fuel and Energy of USA, the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the USAn Federation and RAO UES of USA with participation of Gosstandart of USA.

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