Источники электрического освещения
Sources of electric lighting

Artificial electric lighting in premises has to provide normal hygienic visibility conditions, necessary comfort and the cosiness.

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Как подключить люминесцентную лампу?
How to connect the fluorescent lamp?

For connection of fluorescent lamps thought up very simple scheme on the throttle. In it all favorable conditions for implementation of ignition and further burning of the fluorescent lamp are combined.

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Особенности энергосберегающих ламп
Features of energy saving lamps

On energy saving lamps the equivalent of power of the normal bulb is usually specified. By means of this information it is possible to calculate how many it will turn out to save from one such lamp.

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Преимущества светодиодных ламп
Advantages of LED lamps

LED bulbs represent the light-emitting devices consisting of the set of the LED semiconductor elements which are built in inside. These LED lamps have only one shortcoming - rather high cost.

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