Electricity for beginners

Author of the heading Andrey Grekovich

Каким прибором измерять силу тока?
By what device to measure current intensity?

First, current intensity is measured by the device which is called the ampermeter. For measurement in chains of constant and alternating-current different measuring apparatuses are used.

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Интересные факты о магнитах
The interesting facts about magnets

It is not necessary to think that the magnet affects only iron. There is some other bodies which are influenced by action of the strong magnet too, though not in such degree as iron.

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Живая и Мертвая вода
Live and Dead water

In the childhood read everyone fairy tales, and we well remember the story about "live" and "dead" water. The water formula — H2O is known to us. Modern researches showed that water possesses more complex structure.

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Электричество: общие понятия
Electricity: general concepts

The electric phenomena became known to the person at first in the terrible form of the lightning, then the electricity received by means of friction was open and investigated; and after opening of chemical current sources arose and quickly electrical equipment developed.

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Закон Ома
Ohm's law

It is the best of all to consider action of the Ohm's law on the specific example of functioning of the electric circuit. This closed circuit consists of three elements: the voltage source – the GB battery, the consumer of current – loading of R which can be, for example, filament of the electric lamp or the resistor, and the conductors connecting the voltage source to loading.

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История создания электрических сетей и систем
History of creation of network circuits and systems

For a long time the person used forces of nature: force of the falling water, then the energy opened in coal. It was possible to use it only near the water wheel of the mill or the steam-engine,

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Знаменательные даты истории электротехники
Significant dates of history of electrical equipment

1600. Work B. of Gilbert "About the magnet, magnetic bodies and about the big magnet to Earth" in which it generalized scientific data of the time on magnetism and electricity was published and for the first time proved existence of magnetic field of the earth.

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Источники электроэнергии
Electric power sources

The main sources of the electric power are the combined heat and power plant, atomic and hydroelectric power stations. Such environmentally friendly power sources as wind generators and solar batteries are less widespread.

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