Reference book by the construction electrician

Каковы защитные меры в электроустановках?
What protective measures in electric units?

The electrical safety of the operating electric units has to be provided with performance of organizational and technical actions. At the same time technical ways and means of protection are applied.

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Понятие мощности электрического тока
Concept of power of electric current

Power is the speed of transformation of energy of system. This concept of mechanical power, but still happens electric which shares on active and reactive.

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Power supply

Power supply serves for electricity supply of all industries of economy. The power sources raising and step-down substations electric, etc. enter the utility power system.

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Электропроводка в подвалах и на чердаках
Electrical wiring in cellars and on attics

Cellars and cellars build of fireproof materials and designs. Requirements to the electrical wiring in them special as these rooms belong to crude and especially crude rooms.

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