Automatic cuts of different types

Automatic AV air circuit-breakers are intended for rather rare switching of alternating current circuits up to 380 V at 50 Hz and poyostoyanny current up to 220 V and also for protection of these chains against overloads, short circuits and undervoltage.

Таблица 1. Технические данные автоматов АВ.

Table 1. Specifications of the AV submachine guns.

They can also work in chains up to 500 V of alternating current and: 460 V of the direct current, but at the same time their switching ability decrease.

Inclusion and switching off is made by the handle or the lever drive
(in the zayovisimost from execution). Two N of the lake and one N з have the switching device of the automatic machine. contacts.

The series of the AV submachine guns consists of four types: AV-4, AV-10, AV-15 and AV-20.
The type of the automatic machine receives designation depending on its execution. In the AV series the following digital and alphabetic references are accepted: AV-4 — the automatic vyyoklyuchatel on rated current to 400 A; AV-10 — the same, to 1000 A; AV-15 — the same to 1500 A; AV-20 — the same, to 2000 A.

Схема мощностей электродвигателей, для пуска которых могут применяются автоматы АП-25

Table 2. The scheme of capacities of electric motors for which start-up can the AP-25 submachine guns are used.

Digits after designation of the automatic machine (4, 10, 15, 20) designate generally rated current of the automatic machine concerning 1: 100.

The subsequent indexes C, H, B, D mean: With — the selection automatic machines with endurance of time at overloads and short-circuit currents of the general application; N — non-selective automatic machines with endurance of time at overloads, instant operation at short-circuit currents of the general application; B — automatic machines without endurance of time at overloads and short-circuit currents of the general application (instant operation); Д — automatic machines with damping of relative frame of reference.

All automatic machines of this type are supplied with the maximum releasers which work when exceeding current over value of the setting of the automatic machine owing to what the automatic machine is switched-off.

Except the maximum releasers automatic machines can be supplied with one minimum or one independent releaser, except for the AV-S submachine guns having only one independent releaser. The coil of releasers is produced on 127, 220, 380 and 500 alternating-current V and on 24, 48, 110, 220 and 440 V of the direct current.

At the AB-H and AB-C submachine guns at the current corresponding to the smallest current of the setting the endurance of operation (on the overload scale) no more than 10 sec. is provided.

 Схема и общий вид автомата.

Figure 2. Scheme and general view of the automatic machine.

The AV-4 and AV-S submachine guns at the currents exceeding the setting on the scale of instant operation are disconnected with excerpts of time 0,25, 0,4 or 0,6 sec. The endurance of time is created by the electromagnetic decelerator of poyostoyanny current installed on the automatic machine for 110, 180 and 220 Century.

At the AV-4 and AV-8 submachine guns the maximum current protection both at the overload, and at the short circuit, works almost instantly.

The AV-4D and AV-8D submachine guns have the slowed-down operation of the maximum current protection at the expense of the damper.

The AV-8N submachine guns have the maximum current overload protection with endurance of time, obratnozavisimy from current size, and instant — at the short zamyyokaniye.

The AV-S selection submachine guns have also maximum current overload protection with endurance of time, obratnozavisimy from current size, and endurance of time, independent of current — at short circuits.

Adjusting automatic machines of the A-3100 series are intended for protection of elektroustanoyovka at overloads and short circuits and also for infrequent switching of siloyovy chains. This series covers the number of types of the automatic machines differing on sleduyuyoshchy signs:

Depending on these signs digits in designation of type change.
The A-3140 submachine gun is given in fig. 1.

Рисунок 1. Схема автомата А-3140.

Figure 1. Scheme of the A-3140 submachine gun.

Other automatic machines of this series have the following installation dimensions and the sizes of otveryostiya for fastening:

A-3160 submachine guns are produced on 110 and 220 V of the direct current and on 220/380 B alternating currents. Automatic machines of the A-3110, A-3120, A-3130 and A-3140 types izgoyotovlyatsya on 220 V constant and up to 500 alternating-current V.
AP-25 submachine guns are calculated for work in standard conditions in the enclosed space. Their work in the explosive environment and Wednesday saturated with caustic couples and gases is not allowed and also at silyyony pushes and shaking. They are issued in two - and triple-pole execution and (AP-25-2M and AP-25-ZM submachine guns) and thermal, and electromagnetic releasers jointly have thermal releasers (AP-25-2T and AP-25-ZT submachine guns), electromagnetic releasers of instant action (AP-25-2MT and AP-25-ZMT submachine guns).

Automatic machines of this type are issued to the takyozha and without releasers (non-automatic circuit-breakers of the AP-25-2 and AP-25-3 types on 25 and). The considered automatic machines are issued on rated currents 1,6; 2,5; 4; 6,4; 10; 16 and 25 and both without block kontakyotov, and with interlock contacts in the following combinations: two N of the lake, two N з. both two N of the lake and two N з. The body of automatic machines — pig-iron and plastic.


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