How to make automatic emergency lighting with own hands?

Emergency lighting is the lighting included at damage or shutdown of the power supply system of the working light. Emergency lighting provides minimum necessary conditions of lighting for completion of work in rooms. Evacuation and reserve illumination and also illumination of production zones of the increased danger belongs to emergency lighting.

Автоматическое аварийное освещение

Automatic emergency lighting.

In my case emergency lighting is necessary to complete work. In the boiler room boilers for providing consumers with heat and hot water are used.

Heating of the heat carrier and hot water happens by means of boilers the ferry.

And if there was the electricity outage at night, then it is necessary to complete the production cycle. Namely, the operator for performance of these works has to see all necessary equipment. Here this task also requires emergency lighting.

Внешний вид поста аварийного освещения

Appearance of the post of emergency lighting.

From the predecessor I accepted emergency lighting not effective. It was alkaline accumulators of 1959 of the birth, the small accumulator rectifier that ensured smooth operation of two bulbs of 12 V in half-heat for 5-10 minutes. It was necessary or finish this node, or to make something new.

I made the following of all helper. Otreviziroval the old actuator 2 sizes, made the accumulator rectifier. Increased number of lamps to seven. Tried to make the extent of the line as it is possible well. Replaced alkaline accumulators automobile second-hand. Adapted the old, but operational ampermeter with the opportunity to see tension parameter.

The principle of work is as follows: operating condition of the post - when the magnetic actuator is in the included state. In this mode there is the continuous recharge of the accumulator expected small current that is considered effective. At electricity outage the magnetic actuator is switched-off and through normally closed interlock contacts bulbs of emergency lighting join.

When giving power supply the actuator is blocked, disconnecting bulbs of emergency lighting and including recharge of the accumulator. On the body of the accumulator rectifier I put the toggle-switch with the possibility of shutdown of recharge. For economy of resources of the accumulator put three switches with the possibility of shutdown of some site. Very simple design and the scheme, proved very not badly and works perfectly several years. At service it is necessary to watch the condition of contacts of plugs of the accumulator (are oxidized) also electrolyte level.

Below I expose several pictures of the post – automatic emergency lighting. If there is interest in this publication, will lay out the scheme. Perhaps to whom councils from this article will be useful. Expenses almost any, but the convenience, of course, is. In the chain of 7 bulbs on 12 25 W V. For increase in the operating time the part of bulbs can be disconnected.

The corner of the post of emergency lighting of the place occupies very little.

The accumulator rectifier and device for measurement of current of the charge and the voltmeter which are on the post.

So lamps look. On the plafond "Emergency lighting" is specified

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