Starterless fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps have the number of advantages in comparison with glow lamps.

Схемы включения люминесцентной лампы и лампы типа ДЛР

Schemes of turning on of the fluorescent lamp and lamp like DLR.

Big service life, profitability, good osveshchayemost belong to their number. But are inherent in them as well shortcomings: it is unsafeness of lamps, long process of ignition (especially at the lowered temperatures) and burn-out of lamps, namely filaments. But handymen find ways of the solution of these problems, and there are several schemes by means of which it is possible to do for start of lamps not only without starters, but also with breaks in filament.

The provided scheme saves LDS from the number of shortcomings. It quickly and reliably lights the 20 and 40 W lamps (including lamps with the burned-down filaments).

C1, C2 - 0.5 mkF 400 B
C3, C4 - 0.1 mkF 1000 B
VD1-VD6 - Any on current 0,1 A for LDS-20 and 0,2 And for LDS-40 and reverse voltage is not less than 600 V (at least for VD5, VD6).
L1 - the throttle corresponding to lamp type. If you remake the lamp of industrial production, leave existing. If you assemble the lamp from scratch, then the throttle can be replaced with the glow lamp of 75-150 W (depending on LDS power).


At ignition of the lamp tension at the release of the scheme reaches 1200 V. Budte are careful at adjustment of the scheme.

The choice of section of the wire - on heating and losses of tension.

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