Electrical household appliances

Электрический триммер: как сделать правильный выбор?
Electric trimmer: how to make the right choice?

The trimmer – only the right decision for the grass kosheniye in places, hardly accessible for the wheel lawn-mower, in particular around bushes, trees, along paths, fences and walls. How to choose it?

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Выбираем блендер для дома
We choose the blender for the house

The blender is the irreplaceable assistant in kitchen. Only using the blender, you will be able quickly and tasty to prepare any dish. There are three modern kinds of blenders.

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Пылесосы с водяным фильтром
Vacuum cleaners with the water filter

These are vacuum cleaners with essentially another on functionality the system of filtering of air. It functionally separates air from dust and dirt (in comparison with "bags" and with "cyclonic").

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Общая информация по электроутюгам
General information on electroirons

Sounding of the words "electric iron" causes bewilderment – there are no not electric irons. Still the coal iron was rather recently widely used.

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Общие сведения о холодильниках
General information about refrigerators

The refrigerator intends for freezing and storage of products the long period of time, preparation of ice in the freezer, coolings of products, drinks, fruit and vegetables and their short-term storage in the unit refrigerator.

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Печи микроволновые
Microwave ovens

In microwaves energy of ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic oscillations (Microwave waves) generated by the magnetron is used. Process of preparation of the dish in them happens much quicker, than on the gas stove.

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