What does the danger of electricity consist in?

Before getting to the independent work connected with electricity at itself in the apartment or in the private house it is necessary to know that these works are very dangerous.


For the person tension which already dangerously for his life begins of 25 Century.

It is known that elekyotrichesky current is invisible, inaudible also flavourless. However at all the obscurity electricity forces to work electric devices which light and warm houses. But this energy with ease from creative can pass into discharge destructive and even deadly.

In what danger of contact of current with the person? Basic reasons two:

  • the first is mechanical porazheyony tissues of the person;
  • the second - influence of electricity on nervous system.

It is known that at the person the mechanism of transfer of nervous signals has the electrochemical nature in the basis. In other words, the person has own elektricheyostvo. By means of nervous signals there is the movement of muscles including hearts, coordination and management of all internals are carried out. In case of contact with the conductor which is energized the human body reacts to it as on the signal of own nervous system, but is much more powerful. Muscles convulsively clench, coming to the condition of constant voltage, and it is not possible to relax them as the signal entering from the outside much more exceeds teams of the organism.

All know golden rule of electricians - to touch the bared conductors with the palm back that hand muscles, having received blow by the elekyotrichestvo, squeezed the brush in the fist, that having pushed away the hand from contact. In the return case the palm will densely clasp the conductor and it will be impossible to unclench it. The person will appear under continuous influence of current that is very dangerous. At especially strong influence of current the dislocations, ruptures of sheaves and even fractures of bones caused by powerful muscular contractions are possible.

Инструменты для безопасной работы с электричеством

Tools for safe work with electricity.

Tension of 25 Century is considered dangerous to the person. In this situation it is necessary чет­ко to distinguish tension and current intensity. Force kills. For the example: blue sparkles of static discharges have voltage of 7000 V, but the insignificant force whereas tension in 220 V.' socket but with the current intensity of 10-16 And can become the cause of death. Moreover, the current flow with the force of 30-50 mA through the cardiac muscle can already cause fibrillation (trembling) of the cardiac muscle and reflex cardiac arrest.

What it will end with, it is quite clear. If current does not touch heart (and ways of the elektriyochestvo in the human body are very fancy), then its influence can cause paralysis of respiratory muscles that too promises nothing good. There were absolutely amazing incidents when electric current, without leaving visible damages, literally fried internals, bringing them to boiling.

Mechanical defeat of fabrics of the oryoganizm is subdivided on influence on physical and chemical.

Physical impact

Первая помощь при поражении электричеством

First aid at defeat by electricity.

It first of all thermal porazheyony. Heat production when passing electric current through the conductor (in this case the human body) zayovisit from resistance of this provodyonik. This size for dry human skin is about 1000 Ohms that it is quite enough for receiving burns of varying severity (it, of course, depends at most current and does not mean that the contact of electricity with wet skin is more preferable).

Resistance sharply falls, and the elektriyochesky discharge gets into the body of the cheloveyok further, influencing vnuyotrenny bodies stronger.

To physical impact also damage of eyes at vspyshyoka of the electroarch or the short zamyyokaniye otnoyositsya. Rigid ultraviolet can seriously burn the eye retina, having caused the short-term or constant sleyopota, inversion of color perception, etc.

Chemical influence

When passing discharge on tissues of the person current changes elektroliticheyosky properties of fabric liquid, blood, the lymph, etc. It is fraught with serious effects as the composition of blood is invariable and owes that оставать­ся. The shift of indicators of acidity, properties of erythrocytes and the chemical composition can cause severe defeat of the organism.

Apparently from all aforesaid, practically any contact with the elektriyochestvo if is not deadly, then is very unpleasant. Extent of defeat depends at most current and time of impact on the human body. Not always passing of discharge through the body of the cheloveyok causes so heavy effects. According to the statistics, on each 120-140 thousand cases of contact with electricity only one comes to an end with the lethal outcome.

Much more often situayotion when the contact leads to injuries, different in weight, take place. However it is at all not the occasion to treat electricity спу­стя sleeves. Especially where the person often contacts to him: at electric installation work or repair. To reduce risk to the minimum to be put at defeat by current, it is necessary to study properly the basic rules of safety and to apply means of protection.

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