Utilization of the energy saving lamp

Fluorescent lamps enter our life more and stronger. The enterprises, the organizations adopted this type of lamps for obvious reasons long ago. Now such lighting is included also into our houses.

Принципиальная электрическая схема энергосберегающей лампы Vitoone

Schematic wiring diagram of the energy saving lamp of Vitoone.

In USA since 2011 the release of glow lamps from 100 W and is stopped above, in 2013 reduced release of lamps to 75 W, and in 2014 - 25 W. Already very soon glow lamps will disappear.

In this article we will stop on the negative side of this source of lighting. It is known that these lamps contain mercury – extremely dangerous, highly toxic chemical. Vapors of mercury are very poisonous and cause the serious poisoning of the organism. Mercury and its connections (corrosive sublimate, каломель, mercuric cyanide) affect the central nervous system of the person, the liver, kidneys, digestive tract, airways (and penetration of mercury into the organism happens at inhalation of its vapors which do not have the smell more often).

Besides, inorganic mercury is dangerous that at interaction with soil and water microorganisms it turns into highly toxic substance - methylmercury. Methylmercury, being dissolved in water, the long time can be the source of chronic pollution of water and the environment.


Устройство энергосберегающей лампочки

Device of the energy saving bulb.

Energy saving lamps contain 3-5 mg, fluorescent lamps of 200-400 mg, and home "thermometer" of 2 g of this substance. What to do if you accidentally broke these devices? Let's consider on the example of the energy saving lamp.

If the energy saving bulb sustained damage or broke, it is necessary to air the room and to put away splinters in the plastic bag (plastic). The place where the lamp fell, needs to be strewed with bleaching powder, it neutralizes mercury. Then to wipe this place the wet rag with bleaching powder solution. Afterwards and rags to put in the same package. Do not use the vacuum cleaner in this situation at all. This package cannot be sent also to garbage collectors.

Lamps of the European production contain the small amount of vapors of mercury in the form of amalgam and are harmless to health. In the USAn and Chinese bulbs by production liquid mercury is used, and at damage of such lamps it is necessary to make cleaning, using means of protection for hands and breath.

The Threshold Limit Value (TLV) of harmful substances is the maximum concentration of harmful substance which in a definite time influence does not influence health of the person and his posterity and also components of the ecosystem and natural community in general.

Колба энергосберегающей лампы

Flask of the energy saving lamp.

Maximum allowable concentration of cations of mercury in drinking water – 0,01 g/CBM, or 10 mg/CBM. Even hit of the broken energy saving lamp in 1 CBM of drinking water does not damage health therefore fears that the energy saving lamp dug in the yard by hit of mercury in drain waters can lead to pollution of the well or the river are absolutely unreasonable.

Admissible concentration of mercury in air - 0,0003 mg/CBM (GN "The Threshold Limit Values (TLV) of pollutants in the atmospheric air of the inhabited places"). Sanitary and epidemiologic requirements to residential buildings and rooms (the SanPiN contain prohibition on exceeding of this value. It makes 0,3 mg on 1 CBM I.e. even if somehow evenly to distribute all mercury from the energy saving lamp in air of one average room, then will not be exceeded by maximum allowable concentration. Actually, if the energy saving lamp broke, then in air the small share of the mercury which is contained in it, i.e. quantity, gets to hundreds of times smaller maximum allowable concentration.

Nevertheless energy saving lamps cannot be thrown out together with simple garbage neither in the refuse chute, nor in street trash cans. Put the lamp in the hermetic plastic package and hand over in specialized collection points for energy saving lamps. The energy saving lamp at you have to accept in any DEZE on the basis of the Order of the Government of Moscow "About the organization of works on collecting, transportation and processing of the fulfilled fluorescent lamps" of December 20, 1999 No. 1010-RZP (according to Greenpeace USA). In other cities this information, I think, too it is possible to receive.

At some enterprises utilization of the served fluorescent lamps is made on a centralized basis. Responsible for it is the chief power engineer. In the course of work such lamps collect in the certain place and on 50-60 pieces transfer them further.

All of us know, mercury vapors are how harmful to the person and to animals. Therefore the future and wellbeing of our life and life of future generations depends on each of us. Give we will take questions of utilization of these lamps seriously.

  1. Mikhail Sedogin

    And still I ask to correct unreliable information urgently:
    1. Maximum allowable concentration of mercury in water of 0,5 mg/CBM, but not 10 mg/CBM!
    2. It is strictly forbidden to dig in energy saving lamps "in the yard". Whether one such lamp will contaminate water in the well — it is unknown, the behavior of pollutants in each specific situation differs. But — it is impossible!
    3. All KLL contain mercury and are harmful when dissecting. Mercury in the form of amalgam, or in the phosphor — almost all the same. Experiences with the AGP-01 device (carried out personally) show that in 5 minutes after dissecting in the room exceeding of 20 maximum allowable concentrations on mercury is observed!

    To answer
  2. M. Sedogin

    Ув. Administrator. Remove, please false and harmful information "Admissible concentration of mercury air — 0,0003 mg/CBM … It makes 0,3 mg on 1 CBM" (!!!).
    It makes actually the same 0,0003 mg/CBM!
    5 mg of mercury from one KLL will contaminate higher than the maximum allowable concentration of 16 thousand CBM of air, or air in 222 big rooms!
    And still: the carpet after the passage of mercury needs to be THROWN OUT!

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  3. Slavik

    There are 2 questions concerning thermometers and bulbs.

    Where that 3-4 can in our house (private) was 5 years ago the thermometer is broken. Mercury was collected. But how many collected I do not know. In that room there was the parquet. In the parquet there were slots. Also there was the carpet. Whether got on the carpet I know. But with the carpet nothing was done and replaced it on new somewhere in 1-2 years. The vacuum cleaner we do not remove that room and to today.
    Next day wiped with potassium permanganate the place where approximately broke the thermometer.
    Whether there can be still there the mercury and whether it did harm to health? I do not complain of health, but began to notice that hair thin (me 24) though the father has rare hair too, genetic can?

    And the second question of energoyefektivny bulbs with which replace old. Couple of days ago accidentally hooked the mattress on the lamp in which it was. Whether I worry I damaged it. At once removed it and carried in the garage. Today once again examined it, it seems whole (on the flask of cracks did not find), and it works. But I worry, can where that is some microcracks which are imperceptible and mercury evaporates through them and that etches air and me. The lamp was in my bedroom therefore I worry for health even stronger.
    Did not use the vacuum cleaner yet, and I do not know whether it is possible? Also today opened the window and aired the room where that 1-1,5 hours.

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    • admin

      Vyacheslav, I think that mercury you brought together everything, in its thermometer there is not a lot of and it is visually looked through. In the second option as described occurred nothing. There would be cracks, it would not burn (would not be lit). What harm is done by mercury vapors, look on the Internet.

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  4. Rodoslav

    "for obvious reasons" … The reasons are clear especially as the reason now everywhere same — greed. In this case oligarchs want to sell as much as possible electric power abroad for $ $ $, and "dear USAns" let survive and raise sickly posterity under dead light of expensive "energy saving" lamps. Well and to pushers it is favorable — bought in China the bucket of this filth for dollar, sold to compatriots by the piece on five — on "Ilyich's bulbs" so "you will not be welded on"! Business, anything personal …
    Utilization if once also is adjusted, then 20-25% of lamps — same USA will gather at most … To spoil under themselves we will not be disaccustomed in any way (to carry the package of garbage to the wastebasket there are enough forces not at all) that here about separate collecting waste to tell!
    About maximum allowable concentration you can tell Dimona to Medvedev, let yourself "sberegayka" though in …. will twist, and I personally home will not incur this muck. Meanwhile, glory to Rod, LN still are issued both 100, and 150, and even 300-watt — I stock up little by little. To them devices of smooth start-up — also serve much longer mercury. And me, and for my children will be enough — and there, you look, collective intelligence also will triumph over greed of few "elite".
    Do not you know, by the way — incandescence irons, teapots of incandescence and other household electrical equipment with Tenami why were still not forbidden?

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    • admin

      He in many respects agrees. Well to do if such mentality — from below to top. LN will become history with good reputation, and light from it warm and cozy.

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