What is the linear and phase stress?

The most widespread chains in modern power are three-phase chains. They have the number of advantages before other types of chains - both single-phase, and multiphase.

They are more economic by production and electric power transmission. With their help the rotating cyclotomic magnetic field ensuring functioning of asynchronous engines is rather just formed.

Электрическое напряжения трехфазных сетей.

Electric tension of three-phase networks.

Three-phase chains give the chance to receive 2 operational tension on one installation – phase and linear. 

Tension of three-phase network can be evaluated on linear stress. For the three-phase lines departing from substation rated linear stress of 380 V is established that there corresponds phase 220 V.V designation of rated voltage of three-phase four-wire networks specify both sizes, i.e. 380/220 Century.

With it it is emphasized that it is possible to connect to such network not only three-phase electroreceivers on the rated voltage of 380 V, but also single-phase for 220 Century.

Each part of multiphase system having the identical characteristic of current is called the phase. Therefore definition of the phase has double value in electrical equipment. First, as the size changing sinusoidalno, and secondly as the separate part in the system of polyphase electric circuits.

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