What is the step voltage and how to leave it?

Let's try to understand that such step voltage where it is and as arises. This tension which arose on the ground owing to the wire break of the electricity transmission which is energized and its falling on the earth. The ground on which this wire lies is energized, and the earth is the conductor. And hit in this zone of the person or the animal is life-threatening. Radius of the dangerous zone, can be up to 20 m and more.

Схема, объясняющая напряжения шага.

The scheme explaining step tension.

It depends on many factors: transmission line voltages, unit resistance of soil, its humidity, etc.

Such zone is dangerous also no what it has what foretelling signs, except visual, i.e. to see the lying wire on the earth.

Any point on the Earth's surface which is in the point of spreading receives the certain potential. Getting under action of electric current happens at the moment when legs of the person touch 2 points of the earth having different electric potentials. And the step, the more difference of potentials, the more dangerously are wider.

It is possible to tell, step voltage is the difference of potentials between 2 common ground with the earth having different electric potentials. The body of the person joins in the electric circuit as loading, and occurs harmful effects of electric current on the person. At hit under step voltage there are involuntary convulsive reductions of muscles of legs and, as a result, falling of the person on the earth.

At this moment it is terminated on the person of step voltage and there is other, more difficult situation: instead of the lower loop in the body of the person new, more dangerous way of current is formed, it is normal from hands to legs and the real threat of deadly defeat of current is created. At hit in the scope of step voltage it is necessary to leave the dangerous zone the minimum short steps or jumps on one leg. At the exit from the dangerous zone, it is impossible to tear off legs from the earth, the movements have to be minimum (on distance) sliding.

At lightning discharges in the tree, the lightning arrester, the support of electricity transmissions electric current spreads on the ground on tens of meters, at this moment in such places there is step voltage. Means, the conclusion arises: during the thunderstorm and the lightning it is necessary to be far away from high trees, buildings and structures.

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