What is the remote control of lighting of "nooLite"?

Progress does not stand still, everything in our life is improved, for creation of convenience and comfort. Washing machines, microwave ovens, TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and this list can be continued long.

Установка беспроводного управления светом

Installation of wireless management of light.

All this equipment undergoes such improvement that use of it delivers it is a pleasure. For example, we approach the TV only to remove dust. Everything is run by the panel. We approach the washing machine to load linen, then to get it, and at once it is possible to iron. And even for this procedure remarkable electric irons are issued. Same advanced is also lighting engineering now. Along with release of energy saving and LED lamps, many producers and firms are engaged in technologies "Smart House". Let's try to understand, what is it.

Дистанционное управление освещением “nooLite”

Remote control of lighting of "nooLite".

Let's stop on the example of firm from Belarus of Nootekhnik which is engaged in technologies "Smart House". This company develops and makes monitors lighting since 1997 and during this time occupied the niche in production of energy saving and svetoreguliruyushchy devices in the territory of the CIS.

Different awards which noted the company, and positive reviews about products became the certificate of it.
The Nootekhnika company releases the simplest devices in use providing comfort and bringing pleasant trifles in everyday life of the house. Products are not any know-how or improbable break in the field of lighting engineering, however the invariable quality and the low price do products of the Nootekhnika company demanded and desired in each house.

I will not describe the list of products, it is better to look at it on the official site of the company. Products of firm are packed into accurate boxes, with the enclosed instructions by means of which easy to deal with settings.

I happened to look, touch and even to test several products of this company. At my order there were 2 power blocks and 2 touch switches. I did the first test as follows: installed the power block on the lamp of street lighting, involved to it 2 radio switches.

One switch established in the yard, and the second put on the panel in the car. Work of such scheme very much was pleasant. In the evening drove up to the house, included the streetlight from the car. Already when lighting drove the machine into the garage and entered the house. The same is made upside-down. The trifle, and it is pleasant.
The second test did with the chandelier on 5 bulbs, in the room.

But in this case it was necessary to open the terminal box on the wall. In it installed the power block, the second block involved in the floor lamp. Tied 2 switches to these loadings. The first switch included and disconnected both loadings, and the second changed brightness on the ceiling chandelier. The result of done exceeded expectations. There was desire to involve these innovations in all house.
The conclusion I can make it: it is safely possible to pass to these new technologies.

Use of the block in the chandelier gives power saving, and at decrease in brightness of the luminescence service life of glow lamps will increase. Switches can be put on the old place - the design it allows. For new buildings radio switches will allow to reduce amount of works by the electrical wiring considerably. Here and new technologies will enter our house, this not future, but the present.

It is possible to look at more complete and detailed information about the Nootekhnika Company and its products on the official site. In the same place remarkable videos are exposed.

Big gold medal and the diploma at the 46th International exhibition of inventions, researches and industrial innovations of "Evreka-97" in Brussels for the electromagnetic impulsator. To the device the western businessmen showed huge interest. Intention to acquire the license and the know-how was expressed by Germans, Spaniards, Americans, Canadians.

Quality assurance

In 2001 the Nootekhnika company was accepted in members of the International system of commodity numbering and shaped coding of EAN/UCC with assignment number 481091900. It gives to the company the chance and the right to put the barcode on products that simplifies its automated accounting. And gives you the quality assurance and authenticity of products.

Manage light by means of electric devices of the Nootekhnika company!

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