Electricity for beginners

Author of the heading Andrey Grekovich

Описание разновидностей галогенных ламп
Description of kinds of halogen lamps

Halogen lamps are considered to be special. Actually it is all familiar glow lamps in which the luminous efficiency is a little improved.

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Разновидности ламп освещения
Kinds of lighting lamps

Numerous types of lamps have the different nature of light and are operated in different conditions. Description of kinds of lamps.

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Принцип соединения проводов
Principle of connection of wires

Types of connections of wires exists quite a lot. It is better to consider those ways of connections which can be made in house conditions.

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Основные сведения об электромонтажных коробках
Main data on wiring boxes

The main function of mounting boxes is in creating the safe and long-lasting basis of connection of all your wires. There are boxes for the buried and open wiring.

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Какие схемы подключения выключателей существуют?
What schemes of connection of switches exist?

In the same way as sockets, switches consist of three main parts: contacts, block and protective cover. All of them are made of the same materials, as at the socket.

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Разновидности розеток
Kinds of sockets

Via sockets there is the connection of electric devices without which occasionally modern life is inconceivable. Sockets can be connected consistently or in parallel.

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Что такое УЗО?
What is OUZO?

OUZO is, perhaps, the only active way accepted around the world to secure people at accidental touch to current carrying parts and the equipment. Actively OUZO began to be applied from 30th of the 20th century.

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Для чего нужны автоматические выключатели?
For what automatic cuts are necessary?

Automatic cuts are intended for protection of electric circuits against the short circuit, voltage variation, overloads and other violations of operating modes of the chain. Also with their help it is possible to disconnect the electric power manually.

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