Detailed duty regulations for the electrician


1 General provisions

1.1. Persons not more young than 18 years which underwent medical examination, trained in safe methods of work, having the corresponding certificate and also underwent the recheck of knowledge according to group of the admission are allowed to fulfillment of duties of the electrician. The recheck of knowledge of electrical fitters is carried out by the commission of the enterprise in the following cases:

1.2. The electrician in the work submits responsible for electrical facilities (to the chief of the area, his deputy).
1.3. Prior to independent work the electrician has to undergo instructing in the workplace in labor protection and TB.
1.4. For practical studying of safe working conditions there takes place 2-week duplication.

2 The electrician is obliged to know:

3 The electrician is obliged:

3.1. To ensure normal economic functioning of all electric equipment.
3.2. Once in change to examine electric equipment, paying attention to heating and the condition of contacts, reliability of grounding, the condition of the electrical wiring, purity in эл. boards. To report on all notes on the chief of the area and responsible for electrical facilities.
3.3. To fix results of surveys in the operational magazine.
3.4. To carry out installation works on electric equipment.
3.5. During operation, carrying out the running, medium and major repairs to be guided by production instructions and instructions of manufacturer.
3.6. To coordinate with the administration of the area and the operator responsible for эл. economy all operations connected with shutdown of processing equipment except for emergency cases.
3.7. Having got to work:

3.8. The electrician is the person responsible for rules of service and trouble-free operation of all equipment on the site charged to it.
3.9. The electrician is obliged to conduct reliable and economy mode of operation of the equipment.
3.10. Production of repair work is allowed only after performance of organizational and technical actions, using the operational and checked protective equipment.


4.1. The electrician bears responsibility for serviceable condition of electric equipment.
4.2. For violation of the instructions relating to the work performed by it in the order established by employment policies and procedures of the enterprise and the Legislation of the USAn Federation.
4.3. For failure to follow orders of District Administration.
Requirements of the present instruction are obligatory for all electricians of the area.

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