The electrician in the house

Системы альтернативного отопления
Systems of alternative heating

Alternative sources of heating — the right decision for reduction of expenses. There are many kinds of alternative systems: thermal pumps, solar collectors.

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Электрическая система отопления для собственного дома
The electric system of heating for own house

The electric system of heating of the private house allows to regulate temperature condition in each separate room. Such system is ergonomic, autonomous and productive.

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Расход электроэнергии теплым полом
Electric power expense heat-insulated floor

At the heat-insulated floor the electric expense of the electric power is very small, and this its main advantage. If to use this heater with temperature regulators, economy will be even more.

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Как подключить водонагреватель
How to connect the water heater

Before making connection of the water heater to the power supply network, it is necessary to be convinced of lack of the leak. The scheme of connection not really difficult, the main thing, is correct to observe all necessary stages.

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Каким образом отапливать свое жилье
How to heat the housing

Heating of the country house electricity most often does not demand special mounting and can individually be selected for each room of the house. It will perfectly provide comfort.

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Выбор и укладка теплого пола
Choice and laying of the heat-insulated floor

How to put the heat-insulated floor? The choice and mounting of the heat-insulated floor - business responsible. To do it or to entrust specialists? The work order on laying.

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Польза и вред инфракрасных обогревателей
Advantage and harm of infrared heaters

IK-heaters which harm is scientifically not proved were widely adopted. IK-radiation with success is used in medicine, in Day spa. But, along with advantage, they have also shortcomings.

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