How can the diode save the electric power?

There is such "antiquated" way which will help you to save the electric power made by glow lamps.

Схема включения полупроводникового диода в цепь переменного тока

Scheme of inclusion of the point-contact diode in the alternating current circuit.

In the chain of the bulb the diode is put in any way.

It is possible to use D-226, but they by the size big and it is inconvenient to hide them. It is better to choose import, 1-2 A. They are small, well transfer "heat". It is necessary to put them inside in the way which is represented on the scheme given above. Socles are accustomed to drinking. It is possible to put diodes and in switches.

Схема крепления дополнительного цоколя с диодом к основному цоколю лампы

The scheme of fastening of the additional socle with the diode to the main socle of the lamp.

This way of economy has pluses and minuses.

The most important shortcoming is that frequency falls twice, and the small pritukhaniye is observed.

Other shortcoming - at the expense of resistance of the diode falls also brightness.

It is better to put such bulbs in bathrooms, in places, inconvenient for service, in lamps before the entrance door and in lamps on the roof.

As for pluses, such bulbs work many times longer (with the diode of the bulb also years six can hold on), and it is already economy for the electric power from 25% and above.

At burn-out of the bulb the diode can be reused.


Pradeep Gunawardana: It was design, If the wall switch is off then no significant current will flow, but if it is on then current will flow through other appliances and circuits in the house and it will detect that and light.But,my concern is some bulbs doesn't off even switch is off. Why is that ?

Michelle Bailey: hello everyone, I am experiencing a problem with these in a plastic (non earthed) fitting in the BC base fitting -- light switch does not switch it off? any ideas?

matthewlecsem: Installed one in my bathroom, single pole, and it turns on all on its own after about 5 seconds of flipping the switch off and slowly gets brighter, hits full brightness at about another 5 seconds. What could be the issue? Bulb seems fine, can't open since it might void warranty. Any help would be appreciated. Love ur videos btw

‍1marcelfilms: Too bad they arent in warm white. i changed the outer ring in mine to warm white and added protection to the battery.

ggut91: Quick question here. I bought about 30 or so of a similar model, different brand 7w but basically the same concept. If its been on for a while, after you switch it off it will remain on for a few minutes with a lower brightness and then shut off. Is this the capacitor draining that you explained or what could be causing this.

Spartacusse: +bigclivedotcom Hey, do you think this is a safe lamp? I'm thinking about buying a few of those for my house. I wonder, is that little protection circuit attached to the battery, enough for over and under charge protection? Do you think it does the correct CC/CV charge cycle that an 18650 requires? What about the 18650 itself, it must be a very cheap one, should I replace it for a name brand, recovered from dead laptop battery but tested and in good condition? Is there any chance the board or the capacitor could be a fire hazard? Thanks. PS: (I have no smoke detectors, lol)

Gerry: Tried using one on a 2 way switched circuit. Comes on when switched on as expected. Comes on, if switched on, during a power cut as expected. But comes on very dim when circuit not switched on and cutting mains power switches it off.

Mark Mark66: hi the A1SHB is MOSFET transistor there is no transistor under the number of A1SH6 i have E27 but they fault after shot period the causes first one 22mf 160VDC damaged another was some LEDS damaged when changed by another type of LED the high dc voltage capacitor is damaged after the bulb was worked about 20 minutes i checked the circuit it was likely same that you draw but they use 22mf 160vdc capacitor the source in my house is 220vac the idea of this bulb is very good but the age of it is very short

Andy S: So interested that I went and bought one. In the same box as yours but a very different lamp. 24 LEDs on a board with what looks like an aluminium backing. The driver circuit is on a seperate board with only 2 wires to the LEDs. This means that all the LEDs light up when in normal or "Emergency" use. The lamp is reated as 12W bit does not appear to be more than about six, I don't have a fancy meter to check it unfortunately. Would like to see a teardown of one of this newer style lamps.

Greg Wolking: Either your first schematic is drawn incorrectly or the two 100-ohm resistors are in parallel, not series, for an effective resistance of 50 ohms. I also think you're correct that the "pointing the wrong way" diode is probably a zener diode to act as some kind of voltage limiter or a crude "crowbar" regulator. :)
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    on - is more detailed about payke:pripy, soldering iron power, kilothat …

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  2. Kostya

    What face value should be taken on 500 watts and on 1000 galogenovy?

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      At me on two daisies, one 5kh150vt, the second 6kh150vt — glow lamps, stand on 10A import, without radiator in the guard of lighting, several years. ON one or coupled, definitely I do not remember. If really interests, I can open the guard and look.

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  3. Valery

    I use this method in some rooms of economic assignment for a long time. Only the diode inserted directly on one of wires to the boss. Forgot when changed the bulb there.

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      Where to put not so important, the main thing this gadget normally lives and will live!

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