What does power saving mean?

The number of the electric devices consuming the electric power every day grows in our apartments and houses. These are electric stoves, irons, powerful vacuum cleaners, the Split system - the list very long. Respectively also electric power consumption increases. And besides also the rate for the electric power, according to some information - up to 15% a year grows. And all this , certainly, forces us, consumers to think of power saving.

Варианты гибридных установок экономии электроэнергии

Options of hybrid installations of power saving.

The best and easy way of economy is just to switch off, but it will break comfort and convenience in our life. Therefore there were energy saving lamps and lamps, electronic and double power meters. It would seem, there is nothing difficult, to take and replace all available bulbs in the apartment or the house with energy saving. But the price of these goods now so far forces to become thoughtful as it many times exceeds the cost of ordinary bulbs. Let's try to understand all this.

Let's say now you in the house have 15 bulbs of incandescence on 75 W with a total power of 1125 W. In days they burn approximately for 4 hours. Some it is more, some it is less. You understand that all these calculations will be approximate. Everyone will be able to count them then specifically for itself(himself).

So, 1125 Vt*4 of hour of =4.5 kWh per day if the cost of 1 kW is equal to 3 rub, then 13.5 rub a day, and it only for lighting turn out.

Советы по экономии электроэнергии №1

Councils for power saving No. 1.

The price of energy saving bulbs now 170 rub, Chinese happen cheaper, but the quality, namely their durability, are much lower than popular firms. We count: purchase of all set will pour out to us in 2550 rub, and they will consume 4 times less, economy in the month - 300 rub. Also will pay off in 8–9 months. Then the net savings will go, and service life of energy saving bulbs is higher than glow lamps.

These bulbs are issued with several shades of the svetoperedacha so you can choose to the taste. And having summed up the result of stated, it is possible to make the conclusion: the effect is and if to approach this question scrupulously and to watch that chandeliers when in the room there is nobody in vain did not burn, then the effect will be notable.

Learn to use most effectively zone lighting of your apartments and houses. What is it? It is desk lamps, bedside lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps. That is light sources which light only the part of the room. For example, when reading it is absolutely optional to include the big chandelier on 3 100-watt lamps, rather table or bedside lamp with the lamp in 40-60 W that in itself will give considerable power saving.

Try to use as much as possible natural lighting in your housing. For this purpose it is enough to move apart curtains and tulle in the evening, to regularly wash windows and not to force window sills and balconies something.

Затраты электроэнергии приборами, находящимися в режиме ожидания

Electric power expenses the devices which are in the waiting mode.

Also pay attention to color of your wall-paper. The room with light wall-paper demands less light sources, than with dark. If at the design stage or repair to consider this factor, then in the long term considerable economy in means will turn out.

It as for lighting. The next moment is the installation of the electronic, double power meter. It will give us economy both on lighting and at operation of other electric devices, that is the general economy, to be exact during the period from 23:00 till 07:00 - the rate "night" is 25% lower. Replacement of the power meter of great difficulties will not deliver, as a rule, it becomes within 2-3 weeks in our region. This step will cost you within 3 thousand rubles, here too it is possible to count in detail what will be economy per day, and proceeding from it and full payback. By calculations and according to the statistics it gives economy from 25% and above. Having decided on these changes, finally you pay back also expenses, having received real economy.

 The biggest consumers of electricity in our house are washing machines, electroirons, dishwashers, electric kettles, refrigerators, computers, conditioners, the Split system and some other. Councils for power saving when using these devices will be instructive for many.

Let's stop on the refrigerator. It is necessary to establish it far from heating batteries, from the gas or electric stove and even far from hit of direct sunshine. To put in the refrigerator ware with the food which cooled down to room temperature. To watch purity of the sealing elastic band (it is , perhaps, the most important part in the refrigerator). If you use refrigerators with old freezers, then it is necessary in time to make the defrosting and cleaning. It also influences increase in the consumed electric power.

Советы по экономии электроэнергии №2

Councils for power saving No. 2.

Let's concern washing machines how here to find the place and the way of decrease in consumption. First, if the machine is expected 5 kg, then and it is necessary to load into it respectively, and it is not less, – it will reduce the number of washings. As a result - positive result. It is also possible to lower temperature of washing and duration where it is possible that too finally will give economy. Decrease in number of washings, in turn, gives also economy of the consumption of water. And if on your washing machine there is the timer, then washing can be transferred to "the night mode". As you can see and there are hidden reserves.

Let's try to inspect also electric stoves whether it is possible and to find electricity economy reserves here. To drink the cup - two teas, we pour the full teapot and we wait when all this at us begins to boil, and it is the important moment to which it is necessary to pay attention.

Some offer and practice water when cooking to nakipyatit in the electric kettle, and then to pour it in the pan and to continue preparation on the plate. The condition of purity of your ware (frying pans, the tushilok, etc.) can change the expense in your house too.

Рейтинг бытовой техники по потреблению электроэнергии

The rating of household appliances on electric power consumption.

In the house also your desktop computer where consumption begins from 350 W is "gluttonous". above. Here it is necessary to use the "sleep mode" function.

This question is well fulfilled in Windows 7. And looking through, disks with movies or listening to music, everything is better to copy on the hard drive, and then to carry out it directly from the computer. Here also the second prize - remains the drive.

If you use any heaters and at you normal windows in the winter, properly to warm rather these windows. Need for additional heating will sharply decrease, so, also electric power expenses will decrease.

It is only the visible part of ways of power saving.

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