Operation and repair of electric motors

For the correct and no-failure operation of your equipment, in this case electric motors, it is necessary to pay attention to changes in work during bypasses and surveys, to reveal malfunctions and to timely take measures for their elimination. It will be a question of electric motors with power up to 100 kW in which the normal, closed bearings are used.

Схема управления электродвигателем с двух мест при наличии соответствующего количества кнопочных станций

The scheme of control of the electric motor from two places with the corresponding number of push-button stations.

The very first and frequent reason is the wear of bearings. As their quality, especially recently, very low. This factor is shown by increase in noise of the electric motor. Noise can create as one, and both bearings. To define what, I use the "antiquated" and faultless way - "I listen" to the bearing through the piece of the wire 30-50 cm long and with a diameter of 6 mm. I put one end to the electric motor cover, to the place where there is the bearing, and I put the thumb of the hand on the second end and I put to the ear. I use this way long ago.

The engine generally works together with some equipment.

And when it is close (for example, it is connected via the coupling), at once quickly and not to understand what unit has bad symptoms.

Схема технологического процесса ремонта короткозамкнутых электродвигателей

Scheme of technology process of repair of short-circuited electric motors.

Using such method, it is possible to tell with the big accuracy what unit and what bearings it is time to change. Publishing noise, the bearing it will be optional to be heated. It can remain also in normal working temperature, but, having revealed and having found what bearing it is time to change, it is impossible to delay this question. As soon as possible to change. Electric motors on temperature condition in work can differ from each other: one - are colder, others - is hotter. In the course of work, servicing the equipment, you already know where that not as it should be.

If the electric motor works constantly in the hot mode, then from time to time it is possible to replace lubricant, but, as a rule, it can be enough before the following replacement of bearings if you use good and qualitative lubricant. The fast wear of bearings is influenced by vibration even if the electric motor itself, without connected load, works ideally, and in total there is the vibration, it is already bad. If there is the opportunity to balance, then it should be made, will do only good.

Схема электродвигателя с водяным охлаждением

The scheme of the electric motor with water cooling.

It is necessary to refer protection of the electric motor to the major and primary factor. It is necessary to pick up thus that it did not work over and over again, and could maintain peak loads without "beating out". It is possible to make it, using pincers of loading, it is good to measure at different loadings and, proceeding from measurements, to install the thermal relay of the corresponding face value, it you will secure also the electric motor.

Generally at all enterprises, schedules of repairs are established, it is such good procedure and the opportunity to work urgent problems. And if you from all gravity work the equipment fixed to you, then year of quiet life is guaranteed to you. Electric equipment which is well repaired can work year and more.

And still the couple of words about appearance: after all made repairs or audits take the brush and laundry soap and well smear the electric motor that was in the penalty fee. 30 minutes later foam to wash away and to wipe dry, the electric motor will be with the opaque shade.

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