The electric system of heating for own house

Today electric heating systems are the best alternative which succeeded gas. All professionals are sure that behind electric heating - the future.

Отопление дома

Heating of the house is necessary for comfortable accommodation, and also for maintenance of the healthy condition of the organism.

And in it there is nothing surprising, similar technologies have the number of convincing advantages, and sometimes installation of electric system of heating in the private house becomes the only rational solution of the problem of heating of the room.

Advantages of electric system of heating

Owners of the country house are attracted first of all by high rates of efficiency of electric systems of heating. In conditions time of severe USAn winters it is necessary to warm up room space completely.

The individual scheme of the electric equipment allows to regulate temperature condition in each separate room that gives the chance to support comfortable temperature conditions in all building. For this reason they allow to save significantly money in the period of the heating season. And, of course, the comfort and usability of such devices does not remain unaddressed, even the small child will be able easily to understand control of the heating device.

The design of system does not provide availability of such elements as the fan or the circulation pulser therefore similar installations work absolutely silently. To all other, electric heating systems do not demand special leaving or service that becomes plus. Also similar heating means do not demand the liquid heat carrier that electrical energy will almost instantly be transformed in thermal thanks to what the house in which the similar system is mounted heats up in the minimum terms, than other types of installations cannot brag.

Conclusion arises by itself: installation of the electric heating equipment in the private house is the choice answering both modern technical and to esthetic requirements of consumers.

Types of electric heating

Принцип работы инфракрасного отопления

Principle of work of infrared heating.

Today the market is provided by generally following types of the electric heating equipment:

Infrared: this type of electric heating systems of rooms is carried out by means of infrared radiation. At installation of this system it is necessary to understand that the similar type of heating will heat originally the surrounding objects which are in the zone of influence of infrared rays, that is air at the same time does not heat up. Specialists believe that after time infrared heating will prevail over traditional heating systems. Today such design is often used in places where fast and productive giving of heat (such as private house) is required. There is the practice of installation of such systems not only under floor coverings, but also in the form of wall panels and even ceiling coverings.

Convector heating enjoys rather high popularity for heating of private houses. The relevant convector systems of heating allow to regulate and support the humidity level, comfortable for the consumer, indoors, at the same time without burning oxygen. Convector installations for electric heating are noise-free and profitable not only for the private house, but also for office, the warehouse. It is necessary to remember also simplicity of their application, the most part of the modern equipment of this type is equipped with the additional control system allowing to program the course of work.

Availability of protective system from freezing is also characteristic of the equipment of this kind, with its help temperature will never fall below 5 degrees Celsius. Developers did not avoid also security of the convector equipment, the system underwent careful technical and consumer control, and at emergence of emergency situations (falling of the equipment, overheating) the power supply system is automatically switched off. you can be quiet for safety of the children as temperature of heating of the body does not exceed 65 degrees.

Схема установки теплого пола

Scheme of installation of the heat-insulated floor.

The "heat-insulated floor" system gains popularity at owners of country houses for the reason more and more that the source of heat is mounted directly under the floor covering, all surface area of the floor becomes the heating panel, at the same time the esthetic view of the room does not suffer. Thanks to it warm flows are distributed evenly in all house, the scheme is calculated for maintenance of optimal comfortable conditions for stay in the room. Even more often people stop the choice on such type of heating because of simplicity of mounting of the design regardless of type of the floor covering that expands also possibilities of the design solution of the interior.

Installation of thermal fans creates the so-called air smoke screen capable to support the required heat balance indoors. Distinctive feature in comparison with normal water heating system is high degree of productivity as heating of the room does not demand long expectation, and heatlosses are minimized. The set of the above-stated factors does heating of the private house by means of this installation economic, drawing consumer attention.

Process of work of the fan heater is based on the principle of circulation of airflows only within the room where it is established. There is also the possibility of operation of thermal fans with fragmentary recirculation, that is with inclusion in process of movement of airflows from the outside. In this case installation of the additional equipment in the form of the air filter is necessary.

Installation of the electric heating equipment

Схема прокладки отопительных труб в доме

The scheme of laying of the heating pipes in the house working from the boiler.

The first the question after making decision on installation of electric heating system which can arise, it with what to begin and how many and what will be required materials?"

To answer them, it is necessary to think over thoroughly everything and to plan carefully. Qualitatively developed scheme considering all your requirements and features of the room in which installation is planned will allow to get rid of many problems. Most often the choice is given to the electric systems of heating in case of lack of the possibility of connection of gas system of heating. But you should not forget that the main characteristic advantage is absolute ecological safety.

If your choice fell on such simple heating systems as the fan heater or the convector, then it is rather easy to make their connection, just in detail having studied the instruction which is provided by all manufacturing firms.

Mounting of the "heat-insulated floor" system by own forces

The list of necessary materials for installation of electric heating:

Схема подключения проточного водонагревателя

Scheme of connection of the flowing water heater.

Originally it is required to create the detailed plan of the heat-insulated floor on paper, without forgetting at the same time that the heating element is not suitable for mounting in those places where there will be bulky furniture or household appliances. On sites of the house where there pass heating pipes or other sources of heat, it is necessary to leave the intermediate zone without heating elements too.

In it the specifics of such electric heating system consist: all heating elements of one contour have to have identical temperature, but if heat exit limit is created (for example, furniture without legs), then elements can overheat and fail, having damaged at the same time furniture or the floor covering.

Taking into account how many is available furniture and what its arrangement in the room, your scheme will remind some many-sided figure, on which contour and in which space it is necessary to install. The largest lack of the heat-insulated floor consists in it - movement of furniture can exert considerable impact on operability of system. The most optimal solution in such cases is creation of individual contours for different sites of the room (even if they are differentiated symbolically, as in cases of zoning of the big areas in the house). If the technology demands filling of the tie, then it is necessary to lay the damping tape between surfaces.

When the drawing is entirely thought over and issued, it is possible to begin the marking directly on the floor.

For a start note the position of the regulator of the heat-insulated floor in the place, convenient and easily accessible for you. In it it is required to make the technical opening under the mounting box and to lower the shtroba to the floor.

So, preparatory work is performed, it is a high time to make calculation of that how many it is required materials.

Calculation of the consumption of material

It is the simplest to use already the ready tables provided by producers of the cable heat-insulated floor and proceeding from thermal losses of each room to pick up the suitable step of laying of the wire and its total length on the room.

For infrared systems calculations are practically not required - it is only necessary to take such quantity of elements which will cover the necessary area. Do not forget to include during creation of the estimate in the list the wire for connection of the regulator (and the system) to the counter and the cable run from the regulator directly to heating elements as direct connection of the heat-insulated floor to the socket is strictly forbidden by safety measures.

Preparatory work and isolation

If there is the need, completely remove old cost couplers and properly clean the surface.

Then laying of the waterproofing course with the overlap on the wall about 10 cm is made. Mounting of the damping tape on all perimeter is necessary - it will compensate expansion of the surface of the floor when heating (after installation of system it will be possible to remove excesses). Not to allow heat energy to go down, it is necessary to lay isolation on the floor basis (the type of insulating material should be chosen proceeding from the chosen heating system).

In that case when the heat-insulated floor - only addition to traditional heating system, is enough to lay frothed polyethylene with the reflecting covering. If mounting is conducted in not heated house, there is the need to create thicker insulation layer (to 10 cm) from expanded polystyrene or mineral wool

From above the reinforcing grid is put on heater.

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