Mounting of the "heat-insulated floor" system

Having decided to do major repair at itself in the apartment (house), many face the question of creation of comfortable temperature conditions indoors, irrespective of season. The different climatic equipment is presented at the market, and its choice depends on material resources and specific preferences of the consumer. Quite often rather new systems of electric heating of the floor are chosen. It is , perhaps, the most effective and convenient way to achieve comfortable temperature in the house.

 Схема укладки труб теплого пола.

Scheme of laying of pipes of the heat-insulated floor.

The heat-insulated floor electric has simple and very flexible control system of temperature which considerably differs from the systems of heating using liquid heating. The established temperature can steadily keep on the certain mark quite long time, thereby keeping heat in the house. The heat-insulated floor electric is still convenient also that elements of heating at implementation of mounting disappear under the available covering from different floor materials, and their heating (maximum) does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

Basis of system of heat-insulated floors is the special multilayer electric wire which is regulated by the connected thermostat.

The normal concrete tie forms the basis for laying of the heating wire. If the heat-insulated floor electric is assigned in the new floor, then will be thickness of the filled-in concrete in 5-8 cm quite enough and if laying is carried out on the old surface, it is necessary to use special mastic. The layer from concrete is necessary for good maintaining the available heat: after the warming up it gradually cools down, thereby slowly giving the reserved heat to the warmed room.

Варианты укладки кабеля теплого пола

Options of laying of the cable of the heat-insulated floor.

To fix the heating element (thermocable), apply the special mounting tape or guides. In certain systems of the electric heat-insulated floor the thermocable initially is in special material which keeps within on the available basis or the tie.

It is necessary to consider that when mounting the heat-insulated floor electric it is necessary to do without fail heat insulation (different porous materials) and also to stack the foil layer (radiation — heat reflects the infrared spectrum). In the case when at the room the wooden basis, on heat insulation material in addition keeps within the grid from metal, and on it the thermocable is already established.

The interval between the floor and thermocable has to be in limits about 3-5 cm. Heat emission of the heating cable can be 5-25 Watts on one running meter, it still depends on the floor covering which is available in material.

The thermocable is, as a rule, well screened completely to exclude the possibility of combustion in case of mechanical damage or penetration of liquid.

Схема электрического пола

Scheme of the electric floor.

As well as electric the connected thermostat (in most cases electronic) which problem consists in the automatic mode of regulation of average temperature of the floor or air according to earlier set range and indications of sensors of system of the heat-insulated floor electric has normal convectors, the heat-insulated floor.

This thermostat allows to keep the most comfortable indoor temperature in constancy and also provides the economical operating mode of the heating system.

And the last what it was worth telling about: electric the specialist (the person who is knowing and having experience in this case) as we deal with electricity and the device which is installed in the floor basis has to assign the heat-insulated floor, and it in case of the mistake can cause big labor costs (if after installation the system does not work, then it is necessary to remake everything).

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