Electrician the hands: how to download the training video?

"The electrician the hands" to download the training video in high quality

 "Электрика своими руками"

"Electrician the hands".

This video is the training grant which will be explained in the available and clear form to the ordinary person (who does not have relations to the profession of the electrician) by the highlights connected with household elektriky. In the movie "The hands" you will see the electrician, the system of electric supply of the normal apartment or house how to do electric mounting that at the same time is used is how exactly arranged (material, the tool).

 Name:  Electrician the

Genre: documentary, training

Duration: 41 minutes

Movie language: USAn

файла:.DVDRip.avi type

 File size: 402 Mb

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    Downloaded, video in high quality, thanks.

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