Electrical safety

Опасности кабельных колодцев и туннелей
Dangers of cable vaults and tunnels

Before descent in the tunnel or the well it is necessary, first of all to be convinced of lack of gas. At emergence of the fires it is allowed to flood them with water.

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Что такое шаговое напряжение и как из него выходить?
What is the step voltage and how to leave it?

Step voltage is the difference of potentials between 2 common ground with the earth having different electric potentials. The body of the person joins in the electric circuit as loading.

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Мероприятия, обеспечивающие безопасность работ в электроустановках
The actions ensuring safety of works in electric units

In electric units installation and repair works carry out according to the order of responsible persons. The admission to work is carried out by the shift supervisor of electroworkshop or the senior person on duty on substation.

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Как оказать первую помощь при поражении электрическим током?
How to give first aid at defeat by electric current?

At hit of the person under tension, it is necessary to disconnect the elektroyoustanovka immediately. If current cannot be disconnected, then it is necessary to delay postrayodavshy from the current carrying part.

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Как организуется защита от статического электричества?
How will static protection be organized?

Dangerous potentials of the static electricity are formed at the movement of neprovodyayoshchy liquids or dust on pipelines with the speed over 0,7 — 1 m/s at their draining filling. How to avoid dangerous situations?

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Каковы меры безопасности при обслуживании электроустановок?
What security measures at service of electric units?

Electric units look round without removal from them of tension, far from current carrying parts. Defects come to light visually and aurally. At the same time it is impossible to pass for barriers.

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Как проводятся работы на высоте?
How works at height are carried out?

Work at height is dangerous. It is carried out or from the woods or scaffolding having barriers or from ladders and the streyomyanok. The safety belt is sometimes applied.

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