Electric motors

Основные сведения о переменном токе
Main data on alternating current

Any alternating-current electrical machine consists of two main parts. It is the motionless part called by the stator, and the rotating part called by the rotor.

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Нагрев электродвигателей по классу изоляции
Heating of electric motors on the isolation class

Admissible heating of electric motors depends on the class of isolation of windings. Ambient air temperature at which the electric motor can work with rated power is considered 40ºС.

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Машины постоянного тока: общая информация
Machines of the direct current: general information

The machine of the direct current consists from motionless and вра­щающейся parts. In them switching is carried out by the pereyoklyuchatel — the collector. They are applied apply in the kayochestvo of engines and generators.

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Схема управления асинхронным электродвигателем
Scheme of control of the asynchronous electric motor

The asynchronous electric motor of the three-phase current with the short-circuited rotor can be operated by means of the irreversive magnetic actuator or with the possibility of reversal. It is important to trace work of both power chains, and control circuits.

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Как работают асинхронные короткозамкнутые двигатели?
How do asynchronous short-circuited engines work?

Asynchronous short-circuited engines of small and medium power are launched most often by direct turning on of the stator of the engine in network. We represent the most often applied schemes of control of engines.

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Общие сведения об асинхронных электродвигателях
General information about asynchronous electric motors

The main ratios characterizing operation of the asynchronous engine. Phase windings of the stator are located on the circle at an angle 120/r where р — number of couples of poles of the rotating magnetic field formed by the three-phase current.

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