Main data on wiring boxes

Without such mounting product as the wiring box, it is impossible to install sockets and switches, to make branches of wires and to collect the existing schemes.
In the short form all main aspects of these products will be affected.

Распределительные коробки

Distribution boxes are used for safe connection of all electric wires.

Before mounting of the electrical wiring according to your plan it is necessary to prepare places for installation of boxes for the broach, connection and the branch of wires at the open or buried electrical wiring. Any connection which you will carry out has to be available to survey and repair. That all connections were convenient to be controlled, they are carried out in mounting boxes.

The main function of mounting boxes is in creating the safe and most long-lasting basis of connection of all your wires. All boxes make of fire and explosion-proof material (polypropylene or metal). Boxes are distinguished for the hidden and open installations. The first are closed up in the wall, the second fasten the bottom directly on the adjusting surface. It is rather simple to be defined in the choice of the box. If the buried wiring, then and the box is submerged in the wall and when open wiring is used, then and the box will be the consignment note.

Distribution boxes

In places of connections of the wires going to sockets, switches and other consumers install razvetvitelny (or distribution) boxes in which hide all connections of wires. Razvetvitelny boxes happen to terminal strips or without them inside. Also razvetvitelny box can have and several terminal strips.

As you see on this image, in the box three terminal blocks corresponding on the color gamma to veins of your conductors are used. So to be mistaken rather difficult.

Распределительная коробка с клеммными колодками.

Distribution box with terminal strips.

There are models for the buried and open wiring. Their sizes usually select according to the number of connections and section of wires which you use. Before installation in the body it is necessary to cut openings for the supply and withdrawal of wires according to your plan of passing of the electrical wiring (or to cut the openings in rubber stubs corresponding to the size of the insulating pipe).

In some cases experience shows that it is better to apply boxes with the terminal blocks allowing simply to connect and quickly several wires.

All boxes are separated on security degree from moisture and dust. All interesting information on degree of protection can always be seen on the box or in the instruction which shall be attached to the product.

Adjusting boxes

When performing of the buried electrical wiring by you in walls concrete, brick, plasterboard, etc. switches and sockets mount in adjusting boxes.

Фрезы для сверления отверстий под коробки распределения проводов.

Mills for drilling of openings under boxes of distribution of wires.

The greatest distribution was gained by boxes with a diameter not less than 70 mm and 40 mm high. Such boxes establish in the deepenings made in the wall for switches and sockets of the buried wiring. All openings for adjusting boxes are carried out by special crowns (mills).

All adjusting boxes should try to be closed up in the wall or the partition so that edges always matched the surface of plaster. After you are convinced that everything meets standards, it is possible to set them by solution, but before it surely try to close boxes protective covers that plaster did not soil all box and further you had not to spend time for cleaning.

But if your adjusting boxes nevertheless turned out too drowned in walls, be not upset, adjusting rings of required thickness will help to solve the problem. By means of them you will be able to level adjusting boxes with plaster.

For the hidden installation in hollow walls try to use special adjusting boxes always. They are usually made of hardly flammable materials.

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