How to install electrical equipment to the house the hands?

20-30 years ago loadings in the apartment were much less, than today. Perhaps, the biggest was loading from the iron and  there were enough 1-2 sockets in the room quite. Now the century of electric devices, so, it will be necessary to increase the number of sockets many times. And  you should not expect modern extenders. And old wiring is made of the aluminum wire with small section (on small loading). From told it is possible to sum up the result: it is the best of all to replace the electrical wiring completely.

Схема подключения однофазного и трехфазного электрических счетчиков

Scheme of connection of single-phase and three-phase electric counters.

Starting such repair, it is necessary to shtrobit walls therefore it is necessary to free the room completely. It is better to stop the choice on the copper wire. Calculation such - 2.5 kV on sockets, 1.5 kV - on lighting, automatic machines - up to 25 kV.

It is necessary to power all line of the electrical wiring from 2-3 automatic machines. Then the wire expense will increase, but it will be more convenient and is more practical for load dispatch. As for material, you should not save on it.

Correctly executed electrical wiring will serve for many years. Kabel is better to use VVG нг 3x2.5 and 3x1.5. Sockets have to be unambiguously ceramic, with good contacts, podrozetnik - with screws for fastening of the socket or the switch.

Terminal boxes need to be installed whenever possible in well available places. It is better to do connection of wires in boxes by twist. At the same time the twist will be longer, the more there will be reliability. At twist contacting area is more, than when using terminal blocks.

During the work with the electrical wiring it is necessary to follow safety regulations.

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