Types of electric boards

The electric board is the special device which serves for implementation of reception and electric power distribution. Besides, the electric board performs function of protection of lines of group chains against short circuits and overloads. The electric board represents the protected metal plate or the plate from nonflammable plastic on which automatic cuts, electric power meters and the entrance automatic machine are attached. The scope of the electric board are buildings of different function and also metal designs which are characterized by high requirements to electrical safety.

Схема работы квартирного электрощита

Scheme of work of the room electric board.

In the constructive relation boards can be hinged, floor or built in, and types of electric boards are caused by their functional purpose. For example, the main distribution board (MDB) means mounting of electrotechnical devices of low tension which assignment - the full or partially reserved supply with three-phase alternating current in public and production buildings. GRShch also provides reception, accounting, distribution of electrical energy and protects from emergencies.

Usually the GRShch installation gathers the uniform design from functional panels which are quite easy in movement and mounting. The power distribution board (ShchS) is applied to power supply of consumers in networks of the variable three-phase current of 380/220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Protective devices, the equipment providing automatic start and the stop of giving of current and also current transformers and counters of electrical energy can be the part of the board. For objects of the increased responsibility, such as hydroelectric power station, combined heat and power plant, production of non-standard boards with individual requirements to mounting and technical documentation is possible.

Схема установки квартирного электрощитка

Scheme of installation of the room electroguard.

Power cabinets (ShS) can be completed for street application and for work in the building. The Board of Stations of Management (BSM) is the device intended for automatic control of electric units which is divided into the control units (CU) and the control panel (CP). The block consists of the insulating plate on which the devices provided by the project without frame, and the panel — from several plates with the mounted devices and devices on the general metal frame are mounted.

Such stations of management in the form of panels and blocks together with service electric equipment (the boxes of resistance, magnetic amplifiers stabilizing transformers) are completed on in the boards of stations of management (BSM) directly at manufacturers. The Accounting Board (AB) is intended for commercial accounting of the electric power in three-phase networks of industrial consumers, office and residential buildings in alternating current mains of 380/220 V. For convenience of operation the possibility of closing of the board on the key and also the device for sealing and the viewing window for meter reading is provided.

The board of the automatic input of the reserve (AIR) is intended for uninterrupted power supply of consumers of the variable three-phase current with a frequency of 50 Hz with a voltage of 380/220 V in networks with the deadly earthed neutral. Trial function – automatic switching to the reserve power supply at disappearance of tension of the main source or exit of its parameters limits of normal values. Board AVR can be carried out with function of automatic return to the initial state after voltage recovery on the main input.

Электрическая схема электрощита

Electric board circuitry.

The board of lighting of residential buildings (ShchO) is necessary for reception and distribution of electrical energy of 380 V of three-phase alternating current of the frequency of 50 Hz in residential and public buildings in lighting chains. ShchO protects lines of lighting from overloads and short circuits and also allows to carry out operational switching. The board can be equipped with the temporary timer or the portable sensor of street lighting for automatic inclusion / switching off of lighting.

So, at first sight similar device can seem rather primitive, however this engine installation is intended for acceptance of big current intensity, therefore, the electric board has to be established by the specialist.

At assembly of the electropanel board equipment it is necessary to be guided by the corresponding GOST, Construction Norms and Regulations, PUE standards and also to have sufficient experience, installation of electric boards is the direction of wiring requiring special attention.

Electric boards need to be collected only on the basis of the project approved by the Energonadzor in which the type and the scheme of connections makes a reservation.

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    Distribution boards are generally separated into several classes.-1. Boards of platform type with direct management.-2. Boards of panel type with direct management.-3. Electrically the managed boards.-4. Boards of panel type with distance mechanical control.

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