Electrical equipment and electronics

"Electrical equipment and electronics" is the all-professional subject matter for the students studying on nonelectrotechnical specialties of secondary professional education. Electrical equipment is understood as the science and technology using the electric and magnetic phenomena for practical purposes.

Зона риска отдельных источников магнитных полей

Zone of risk of separate sources of magnetic fields.

Constituent of electrical equipment is the electronic engineer, using for creation of various systems processes in semiconductor and electrovacuum devices.

To destination electrical equipment and electronics are subdivided into three main directions:

The first direction is connected with receiving, distribution and transformation of electrical energy. The second direction uses the electric and magnetic phenomena for various technology processes (welding, melting, electrolysis, drying, separation of different materials, etc.). The third direction is connected with creation and use of various control systems, computer facilities and communication.

According to the specified directions "Electrical equipment and electronics" are aware the general patterns of electromagnetic processes in various electric and magnetic circuits, devices for receiving (generators) and transformations (electric motors and the electric drive) of electrical energy in mechanical, transcribers of parameters of the transferred electrical energy — the sort of current, frequency and size of tension and current (rectifiers, transformers, etc.) and also the general principles of transfer and distribution of electrical energy are studied.

Схема рабочего процесса четырехтактного двигателя

Scheme of working process of the four-stroke engine.

Besides, the principles of operation of information and measuring, electronic and microelectronic devices and systems (electrical and semiconductor devices, the systems of indication of information, integral chips, amplifiers and generators) are considered.

The value of the course "Electrical Equipment and Electronics" for students of secondary professional education is caused by the exclusive role which is played by electrical energy in life of modern society. Really, now it is impossible to imagine any industry of social production where electrical energy would not be used.

Without electrification the industry, agriculture and life are inconceivable. Even in such areas as geology, the medicine, biology, astronomy and other, advanced achievements are based on base of electrical energy. The huge value of electrical energy in life of modern society is explained by a number of its advantages before other types of energy. The main advantage of electrical energy consists in its universality — it will rather easily be transformed to other types of energy: mechanical, thermal, radiant, chemical, and vice versa.

Besides, she can be transferred to huge distances at rather small losses. Therefore to become the good specialist in the business – the mechanic, the technologist or the builder — it is necessary to know basic provisions of discipline "Electrical equipment and electronics" which are based on courses of physics, mathematics and mechanics and to be able to put into practice competently electrotechnical and electronic devices.

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