The main products for the electrical wiring

Earlier you got acquainted with main types of the electrical wiring and learned all main graphic symbols of electroadjusting products. It would seem, it is possible to start drawing, and then mounting. But you do not hurry. Between two of these rather serious works there is one more very serious aspect. This studying of your electricity demands that you could design that electrical wiring which will correspond best of all to your requirements.

Бойлер в ванной

It is necessary to install the boiler near the main point of consumption of hot water supply.

It will be a question of electroadjusting devices which can be installed in your dwelling. Some types of these devices are obligatory, and some depend on your requirements and on the level of comfort at which you aim.


Grounding became obligatory at any mounting of the electrical wiring. All sockets, switches, some types of lamps have to have the earth wire. Grounding is one of main protection elements. It allows to take away in case of indirect contact the leakage current to the earth so that it will not pass through the body of the person. Grounding allows protective devices to work and to automatically disconnect power supply in dangerous situations.

If you live in the city, try to inquire in your servicing organization about whether grounding is brought to your house. Also you can examine the board which is on the landing. If in the board there is the special plug (on which there is the grounding designation, or it green color, or on it it is written "earth"), connect safely.

But if you learned that grounding in your house is absent, do not invent the bicycle, and just insulate the earth wire and leave it in the board. When in your house carry out grounding, you at any time will be able to connect it. That there were no mistakes, always remember that protective wires of flavovirent color. If you live in the private house and you have no grounding, then it should be established, at the same time it has to conform to standards completely.


Схема потолочного освещения комнаты.

Scheme of ceiling lighting of the room.

Lighting is the important element of any room from the decorative point of view. It improves appearance of the interior and provides convenience to sight. And in general (if to speak with humour) helps us not to get lost with own apartment.

There are different types of lighting:

  1. Direct.
  2. Indirect (indirect).
  3. Scattered.
  4. Mixed.

Direct lighting

The flow of light is directed directly to the lit surface and allows to show the subject (the table, the figurine, etc.) or to light working space (desk lamp). It allocates the certain place by means of dot lamps and dome lamps with the opaque lamp shade.

Indirect lighting

The flow of light is directed to the ceiling which reflects light (the ceiling is lighter, the result is better). On sale there are different wall lamps (sconce) which obespechiyovat this effect.

Scattered lighting

The lamp spreads light on 180 or 360 °. It allows to light all room. The bulb is usually placed in the glass abayozhur or leave open if it is dekorayotivny. It is, for example, the chandelier or the flyuorestsentyony lamp in the form of the cylinder.

The mixed lighting

It integrates all three types of lighting in one lamp. For example, it is the lamp at the bed or the desk lamp with open top.

According to wishes of house, it is necessary to install either the ceiling lamp, or wall, or the combination of these lamps. For the sconce carefully choose the place where they will be established. Do not establish them too low, do not place them behind the door (there were also such cases) and do not establish them in too narrow corridor.

Схема подключения одинарной розетки

Scheme of connection of the unary socket.

There are strict rules of installation of lamps in wet rooms. Also there is a wish to note still that the control of lamps should be chosen carefully too. It can be the bill or the dimmer. Placement of switches is of great importance too: try to place them at the height of 0,8-1,3 m from the floor.

For wet rooms switches are always installed from outer side of walls.

In rooms with low ceilings it is recommended to use lamps, chandeliers with the short and regulating bars, cords.

Multihorn chandeliers, decorative suspended lamps with the large number of diffusers will be suitable for spacious rooms with high ceilings. Lamps of spot lighting (sconce) will be suitable for creation of the cozy atmosphere.


According to all modern requirements of the socket have to have the grounding contact, and the sockets installed in 40 cm from the floor have to have the system of automatic closing of openings (blind). It is necessary to provide enough sockets on each room. It is necessary to try to avoid use of extenders.

For the hall it is necessary to provide the socket too. It is better to establish it near sockets for phone. Do not establish them in the middle of the wall (if only it is not provided specially). Do not try to install sockets in the corner: it will complicate use of them. In wet rooms in this respect there are nuances which need to be considered.

Also it is necessary to provide separate lines for each powerful device (the washing machine, the dishwasher, the electric stove, etc.)

Special lines

It is necessary to think over in advance where and that will be (for example, the gas boiler, electroblinds, various amplifiers).

Telephone and lines of communication

Схема подключения телефона к модему

Scheme of connection of phone to the modem.

They should be seen off with laying of power lines at once, receding at least 10 cm.

Do not forget to provide the call for the entrance door. If you have the big corridor, try to place the call closer to living rooms.

You remember about the line for forced ventilation.

All this there were ordinary consumers. But there are electric devices which are powerful power consumers. They play the large role at the choice of the scheme of the electrical wiring.

Powerful household appliances

Each large device has to receive the power supply from the independent line. The largest consumers are the electric stove, the wind furnace, washing and dishwashing machines.

Heat-insulated electric floors

The separate line is here too necessary. This type of heating can be applied only if you stack the new heat-insulated floor.

Electric heat-insulated floors

Rounds of the heating cable have to be located from each other at distance of 10-15 cm.

Electric water heater (boiler)

Схема электрического водонагревателя

Scheme of the electric water heater.

Hot water can be received by means of the electric heater. It is the big heat-insulated reservoir supplied with thermoresistance and the thermostat. He does not demand special leaving, is clean, silent and has continuous temperature.

It is necessary to install the electric heater as it is possible closer to the main point of consumption of hot water. If points of consumption of hot water are removed from each other, it is possible to install several water heaters.

Plus of such system (water heating) consists that you will always have hot water. But there is also minus: size. This system of hot water service needs to pick up the certain place (often which is not enough any more) which would allow to hide it at least slightly. But at the same time it is necessary to leave the place for repair and replacement.

It is whenever possible best of all to get vertical model, it will be exposed much less to adjournment of the scum. There are water heaters of instant heating (high-speed) which are established directly on the water exit source. But also there is the shortcoming – big electric power consumption during the short period of time and fast development of the scum.


Таблица конвекторов по мощностям

The table of convectors on capacities.

These are the simplest devices of electric heating. From the point of view of the form and color there is their wide choice. Required power depends on the set of factors: position of the building, outside and internal temperatures, volume of the warmed room. The table which will help to choose the convector (radiator) correctly is included below.

Convectors usually establish under windows if they are not located too low.

Try not to install those devices about which you know nothing, choose those which are easy to use also service. You do not pursue the mode, otherwise not to avoid troubles.

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