Features of energy saving lamps

In modern country and country houses, apartments there are a lot of various chandeliers, desk lamps, sconce, floor lamps and so on. For our convenience and comfort we spare neither expense, nor efforts for maintaining health of our eyes. But whether there are economy methods for all these lamps? Is. These are modern energy saving lamps.

Схема подключения энергосберегающей лампочки

Scheme of connection of the energy saving bulb.

At first sight it seems unreasonable expenditure of money. At more weighed approach you will find the mass of positive sides.

Yes, energy saving lamps stand as ten normal bulbs. But you receive the unique product which will remarkably look also without additional ornament for this money. That is in the absence of the chandelier, the sconce or some else lamp such lamp will look quite pleasantly.

Схема энергосберегающей лампы

Scheme of the energy saving lamp.

Such lamps light up gradually. They at inclusion do not flash in all power, blinding our eyes, and light up slowly, delicately. One more advantage is the big variety of forms. You will be able always to find that which as well as possible will be suitable for your room.

On energy saving lamps the equivalent of power of the normal bulb is usually specified. It is necessary to remember that not always this indicator is truthful, especially it concerns cheap Chinese bulbs.

By means of this information it is possible to calculate how many it will turn out to save from one such lamp. So, the glow lamp serves about 1000 hours, and energy saving – 6000 hours. The normal bulb costs about $0.5, and the average price of the energy saving lamp – $5. Power 100W and 25W. Let the electric power stand up $0.05 for 1 kW*h. Therefore, in 1000 hours of 6 normal bulbs will spend: 6000 chasov*100w = 600 kW*h, and are $30.

Further, in 6000 hours the energy saving lamp will burn up: 6000 chasov*25w = 150 kW*h, and are $7.5. That is from one lamp you save $22.5. And it is quite good, the truth? Even if to consider the difference in the cost of bulbs, then economy of $18 turns out. And it when using only of one such lamp. And what if to replace all lamps in your wooden house or the apartment with energy saving? At you in general the problem of economy of electricity will disappear and will be disagreements concerning the switched-off lamp.

I hope, you were convinced of advantage for the family budget of use of such lamps. But some will tell that such this world which these lamps give is not really usual for us and destroys the cosiness in the house. But it is always possible to pick up the bottle for the lamp of that color which will please you: from cold office to warm house.

If finance does not allow to replace all bulbs in the house at once, do it gradually, and every month you will be convinced of correctness of the choice. The account for electricity pleasantly will please you with the insignificance.

  1. Andrey

    Thanks for the answer. Yes I agree that at everyone the predpotcheniye. Yours faithfully Andrey.

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  2. Andrey

    Having worked the electrician of 15 years, in my opinion such lamps have more shortcomings than advantages.1 advantage it that the puskoreguliruyushchy equipment is in the lamp. And now all shortcomings one after another expensive 2 - do not love frequent inclusion of switching off 3 - do not work together with svetoregulyator 4-long time of start - from several seconds to several minutes the low-frequency rumble from electronic ballast 5-is heard 6-such lamps badly work at low temperatures, and at - 10s begin to shine dimly below or refuse to shine in general 7-v structure of the lamp mercury compounds enter the specialist utilization 8 light is required not natural it is mean to eyes 9-if to use subgrid indicators in the switch, this lighting equipment begins to flicker. Well and where here advantages and economy. Yours faithfully Andrey.

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    • admin

      Andrey agrees with your opinion. The main advantage, is of course economy, here will not argue, but if the lamp does not fulfill the put term and fuses, then it is one more minus. The matter is that these lamps are pleasant to much, but the price remains high so far.

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