The socket is heated

Sockets, as well as all elements and devices of the circuitry, can have the malfunctions and breakdowns. It will be useful to consider what malfunctions can be and as whenever possible to eliminate them. The first disturbing signal it is possible to call notable heating of couple the socket fork. What can be the reason here? Heating of the fork or the socket happens because of the bad contact in this part or connections of too heavy load (the electric device or electric equipment).

Схема соединения проводов в распределительной коробке под одну розетку

The scheme of connection of wires in the distribution box under one socket.

If you decided on the coupled load, and it before such "symptoms" had no, so the reason should be looked for in the fork or the socket.

Forks happen only folding (the sample of the last century) both modern folding and non-demountable. The folding fork can be opened, having untwisted the connecting screw. If heating of this place lasted long, then isolation on the wire can be podplavlenny. It is necessary to remove and make this site new connection. If the state in the fork good, just tighten screws and collect back.

Схема подключения двойной штепсельной розетки без защитного контакта

The scheme of connection of the double plug adapter without protective contact.

Now it is necessary to look for the reason in the socket, for this purpose it is necessary to turn off the central screw and to remove the upper cover. Also to examine everything, as well as in the previous case and if the state unsatisfactory, that is heating happened in the socket, it is desirable to take the core from the podrozetnik. Already on site it is necessary to be defined that it is possible to make: to replace the socket completely or just to otrevizirovat. For reliable work of the plug and socket connector it is necessary to provide contact at which electrodes of plug forks densely keep in slots of sockets.

In the absence of spare szhimny springs, availability of cracks and chips in the basis and the cover plug adapters are subject to replacement. In process of operation the elasticity of brass plates of sockets decreases, they cease to cover strongly electrodes of forks and the contact worsens. The body of the socket and the fork begin to heat up and if they plastic, even burn slightly. It is necessary to turn in plates by means of the screw-driver to narrow the opening for fork pins.

When slots lose the springing qualities, under them enter brackets on the bend from the thin copper wire. The ends of each bend twist and bite off so that there were 1-2 mm of twist. It is possible to get also the ends of twist under slots (under their end face) and to press, without biting off the wire. For this purpose separate the socket body from the podrozetnik and unscrew the screws fixing slots a little. After the institution of twist of the wire under the slot end face the screw is wrapped again. Act with each slot this way. Special attention needs to be paid to twist length: the bend of the wire and its twist have to service only one slot.

Схема контактов штепсельной розетки фаркопа — вид на лицевую сторону розетки

The scheme of contacts of the plug adapter of the turnbuckle — the view of the socket obverse.

The contact of two slots of twists will lead at once to the short circuit. It is necessary to replace unambiguously when plastic began to char or karbolit and if good shape, it is necessary to tighten all internal screws and to establish everything into place. The difference of standards of one of elements of this chain, for example, when the fork of the old standard is connected to the euro socket can be the reason of heating and even sparking.

In what at them the difference? Difference at them in the diameter of electrodes: at the old look the electrode is 0,8 mm thinner, and such fork will have proslablenny contact, so, there can be the heating and sparking. It is better to replace such fork with the new standard.  It is not obligatory to take out the core completely, sometimes it is possible just to turn in slightly contacts by combination pliers, to tighten screws of fastening of wires and it will solve the problem.

There is the type of old sockets which have the podzhimny spring inside. The good design, but there are cases when this spring drops out and then the problem is available, but it is solved easily – it is necessary just to put everything into place. The decision in each case is determined by the state and visually. It is much better than the socket of last years on quality and reliability modern – and ceramics, and karbolit, and even metal. If you do not want to change the socket, but the new fork is not inserted into it, just drill out openings of the entrance of electrodes the tip of the knife or old scissors, having uncovered – it will be better, than the drill. The opening can be made ideal and not proslablenny.

Ремонт и сборка штепсельных вилок

Repair and assembly of plug forks.

From time to time it is necessary to check touch temperature of electric devices which at you are switched constantly on in the socket. Pay attention and to temperature of forks during pulling: if somewhere that - that began to be heated, it in itself does not pass, and will only be aggravated. Establish the reason and eliminate, differently nearby before the fire. It is necessary to pull out the plug not for the cord, and for the fork, holding with the second hand the socket.

And in conclusion, small history. One socket indoors strongly sparked. Audit and repair did not solve the problem. It was necessary to replace on new and qualitative. The problem was not solved again, and sparking was so strong that in the socket it was impossible to leave any fork. It was necessary to open the terminal box where I found "pair" of this socket – on twists there everything was excellent. Measured resistance of the phase wire, it showed some resistance, zero showed "purely".

The reason was in the phase wire. Began to open from the socket plaster up and at distance about 10-15 cm were found by the insulated site – there was the twist, the phase wire was dark gray color.

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