How to give first aid at defeat by electric current?


At defeat by electric current it is necessary to release as soon as possible the victim of action of current since weight of the electric trauma depends on duration of this action.  Immediate shutdown of that part of the electric unit which the victim concerns has to be the first action helping. Shutdown is made by means of switches, breakers. For department of the victim of current carrying parts it is necessary to use the rope, the stick, the board or any other dry subject which is not carrying electric current.

Возможные причины электротравм

Possible reasons of electric traumas.

It is possible to delay injured for clothes, avoiding at the same time touch to surrounding metal objects.

After release of the victim of action of electric current it is necessary to estimate its condition on the following signs:

If the victim has no consciousness, breath, pulse, the integument cyanotic, and pupils wide, it is possible to consider that it is in the condition of clinical death and to start immediately revival of the organism by means of artificial respiration on the way "from the mouth in the mouth" or "from the mouth in the nose" and outside massage of heart and to call the ambulance.

If the victim in consciousness, but was before in the faint or was in unconsciousness, it follows:

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