Safety measures for gas and arc welding works

Persons not more young than 18 years which underwent special technical training, passed examination and having the certificate on the right of production of the above-stated works are allowed to performance of gas and arc welding works. The recheck of knowledge is made every 12 months.

10 правил сварочных работ

10 rules of welding works.


For the electric welder

Организация рабочего места газосварщика

Organization of the workplace of the gas welder.

Metal parts of electrowelding machines (the body of welding transformers, electrowelding generators , etc.) and also clips of secondary winding of the OWE welding transformer to be grounded before turning on of the device in network.

It is FORBIDDEN to use grounding of one device for grounding of another.

To include in the power supply network and to disconnect from it welding machines, OWE units electricians.

It is FORBIDDEN to make these operations to welders.

Welding HAS TO be made using two wires. The wire with the holder (straight line) HAS TO have reliable isolation. Use as the return conductor (grounding) of pipes of sanitary networks, structures of buildings and processing equipment is forbidden.
It is FORBIDDEN to use series connection of metal rods, rails or other objects for welding.

For the gas welder

Устройство респиратора

Respirator device.

Before the cut-in the cylinders OWE to be set to vertical position and to be at distance not less than 1 m from devices of heating and 5 m from strong sources of heat.
It is FORBIDDEN to take off the cap from the cylinder blows of the hammer or other tools.

After removal of the cap it is necessary to examine and check the union of the oxygen cylinder for lack of visible traces of oil, fats, operability of the thread of the union and the valve.
To check durability and density of accession of gas hoses to the torch (cutting torch) and to reducers, their operability.
It is FORBIDDEN to use the faulty reducer and also to allow contact of the cylinder, hoses with current carrying wires.


  1. It is FORBIDDEN to make ignition of the torch (cutting torch) the match, to light the torch (cutting torch) from hot metal or other objects. During the operating time it is not necessary to hold hoses under the arm, on shoulders, to clamp legs.
  2. At breaks in work to extinguish the flame of the torch (cutting torch), and valves – densely to close. Not to move with the lit torch (cutting torch) out of workplace limits and also not to climb ladders, the woods, etc. Welding machines (units) installed on the open area HAVE TO be closed by canopies, are protected from mechanical damages.
  3. It is FORBIDDEN to perform electrowelding works under the open sky during the rain and the thunderstorm.
  4. It is FORBIDDEN to work with faulty torches, cutting torches, hoses. At least once a month all cutting torches and torches HAVE TO be checked for operability with the log entry, at least once a quarter maintenance inspection and tests of all oxygen and acetylene reducers has to be made.
  5. It is FORBIDDEN to repair torches, cutting torches, valves and other equipment in the workplace.
  6. During opening of valves, cylinders and pressure control of gases reducers FORBID to SMOKE.
  7. Use of oxygen hoses for acetylene supply, and acetylene – for oxygen is not allowed.
  8. Hit on hoses of sparks, fire and heavy objects and also use of defective hoses is not allowed.
  9. It is FORBIDDEN to open the cover and to take out the basket with the hot, not decomposed carbide. It can be made only after cooling and pressure release production of acetylene via the nipple.
  10. It is FORBIDDEN to make any repair of welding installations energized.
  11. Without survey and also it is FORBIDDEN to work on faulty units, transformers.
  12. During the work, for protection of eyes and the person, it is OBLIGATORY to use the guard with special protective dark glass, and at gas welding – goggles of the closed type with the TO-2 glasses.
  13. To lay the welding cable jointly with the hoses which are under pressure and also near the cylinder with oxygen and IS FORBIDDEN acetylene.
  14. Not to throw and not to leave in the workplace the electrode holder without observation when he energized.
  15. It is FORBIDDEN to perform welding works on the vessels and pipelines which are under pressure.


  1. To inspect all places where the heated particles of metal could reach and cause burning. To be convinced that after work there is no smoldering objects left (rags, insulating materials, etc.).
  2. To collect hoses and defensors, to lay them on the certain place.
  3. To switch off the breaker of the welding machine. To collect wires and defensors and to lay them to the certain place.
  4. To remove cylinders with oxygen, acetylene, the generator in specially equipped place.


The gas and arc welder bears responsibility for violation of the instructions relating to the performed work in the order established Labour and the Criminal Code of the USAn Federation.

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